Monday, October 22, 2012

My Social Caterpillar...

I love this time of year.  The mornings are crisp, but not freezing.  The afternoons warm up a bit.  It's great sleeping weather.  And the changing leaves - if you live in my neck of the woods - are just beautiful.  The only downside to all of this?  Trying to figure out how to dress your kids!  They are definitely warm enough leaving for school...

...but sweltering at times on the way home!
I wish this was my only dilemma in life.
Each morning when I drop Brian off in front of his school, I stick around for a few minutes to observe him.  One thing they are working on (one of the reasons he's still in group speech) is peer communication.  He tends to be a little shy at first and gravitates to adult interaction.  They have noticed GREAT improvements since the summer.  He's had moments when he'll approach a friend and ask them to play, which is huge.  It's so funny to hear that he's so shy when he's the complete opposite at home!  But I guess that's the story with a lot of little ones. (And big ones!)  Watch this video of what happens when he is in a social situation.
 I stopped the video - but what happened after is that he ran up to be closer to the teachers.  I think it intimidates him to run up to the group of kids - even though they are all his friends from class.  I know that he warms up, though, because the ride home from school is filled with stories about what he did with each of his friends.  As it turns out, Brian will likely be the oldest in his all of his classes because of his December birthday.  If his shyness continues, this may work in his favor!  

Today when we got home from school, we had a great time playing in the back yard.  We conquered Tee Ball...
 We played "King of the Castle" on the playground and pretended we were pirates...
And Brian cracked me up doing "Pratfalls" on the slide.  I tell you, this boy is destined for the stage and screen.
Before we knew it, it was time to pick up Gavin and Miss Sara from school.
They were both a MESS! During craft time, they worked with shaving cream and glue and Gavin flung it everywhere... including all over Miss Sara's beautiful clothes!  Whoopsie!!!  The great thing about having Sara there with Gavin - let me rephrase - ONE of the great things is that she can make sure his eyes are protected as much as possible.  We are always SUPER careful about his eye and although we can tell everyone's nice to know Sara is always right next to him.  She said today they had a close call with shaving cream and glue on his hands getting close to getting in his eye!  She's quick on her feet, though, and the crisis was averted.  Whew!

After Sara left, the boys and I played at the art table, read books and had dinner together.  Ed is away on a business trip which means I could eat early with the boys which was such a treat!!  It was fun for me to watch Gavin and Brian playing together at the art table.
Brian was trying to engage Gavin in everything he was doing.  "Gavin, here's a crayon!"  "Gavin, want some Play-Doh?"  "Gavin, do you like my picture?"  I wanted to was so sweet.
Someday, Gavin will answer him.  I just know it.

I just know it.


  1. What about some cool sunglasses to help protect Gavin's eyes? They won't keep him from slipping a hand underneath, by it will help keep things from flying into his eyes. And what cool kid doesn't need a pair of sunglasses?

  2. Wow, does Brian ever look like Gavin in that top photo with the blue hoodie! I was confused for a moment!


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