Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm Famous!...

I was recently very honored to be asked to write a guest post on a very popular blog.  Abby from the blog Notes From A Pediatric Occupational Therapist has a series called "A Parent's Perspective" and she asked me to participate!  The blog is a wonderful resource for therapists - really, of any kind - and also parents.  It's very clear that Abby pours her heart into her profession.  It's admirable to me that she uses her free time to offer resources, tips, education and more on her site.

She put the post up today - and it was perfect timing!  Not much happened around here today that was worth writing about.  Well, unless you get as excited as I do when the boys get fresh hair cuts!!  Here are their before and after shots...

And, Brian!

Thanks again to Abby for choosing me to appear on her wonderful blog.  Now head on over to read A Parent's Perspective - Chasing Rainbows.  And if you'd like my autograph afterward, you know where to find me.

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