Saturday, September 29, 2012

Turning Five...

Happy Birthday to our sweet and mellow son, Gavin.
You are the child who made us a Mom and a Dad for the first time.
 You are the child that left us wondering - can we do this?  Can we manage all of these issues with unknown causes day in and day out?  The answer?
Because you led the way.  And we'd follow you anywhere.  Your many issues may keep us up...but they'll never keep us down.
 You are the child that people call an "old soul."  You have an inner wisdom that belies your five years.
 I know you know more than you can tell us, Gavin.  And someday, I can't wait for you to tell me off. Like, "MOM!  Why did you put Brian and me in matching clothes all the time!!???!!"
And I'll say, "Not always!  See??" and present these photos as evidence.
You are the child that changed me.  You brought determination, instant "mommy confidence" and patience out of me.  You helped me appreciate the little things so much more.
 You are the child that helped me conquer the obsessive fear over your future that was keeping me from enjoying each day with you.  You are just so easy to love.  So easy to please.  So easy to be with.
 I really enjoy your company, Gavin.  You are a very special little boy.
 You are the child who, five years ago today, prompted many people to predict many things.  Good, bad, very bad and indifferent.
 None of that matters.  And I'll tell every future parent, every new parent, every old parent - the only person you should listen to is your child.  You knew better than anyone what you were capable of - and what you weren't.  You have done everything in your own time...and I know you always will.
And that's okay with us, Gavin.  We'll give you all the time you need.

This morning, you woke up five!
 You came downstairs to find all kinds of presents at your seat at the breakfast table.
You were pretty excited... 
 Because of poor weather, we decided not to go to Ocean City as we had planned.  Too long of a drive to take a chance.  So we took you to Dutch Wonderland instead!!  It's out in Amish country - and you even got to meet two (not so friendly looking) Amish people!
We had a lot of fun going on rides and walking around the park on a gorgeous Fall day.  
Okay - maybe I had a little too much fun.
 I was very proud of you!!  On the car ride, you actually followed your brother's lead and held onto the steering wheel and turned it back and forth!
 And when Brian didn't want to go on the puppy ride with you, I took a chance and let you go by yourself.  Not only that, there was no rug gripper under your behind - and no strap around your chest.  Just a flimsy strap and the ride was FAST!  You had a ball!!
And then you and I went on a crazy, CRAZY ride.  Daddy called it the "Mini Tower of Terror."  You and I called it AWESOME!  Check it out...
But my favorite part of the day was riding with you on the Merry Go Round.  Once again - no rug gripper and the horses didn't have any straps.  Oh, and the merry go round was fast - AND we picked a horse that went up and down.  This required a lot of you.  I held on to your hips, but you did the rest of the work - and it was not easy!!  You sure made it look easy, though.  You make everything look easy - and you always look so super cool doing it.
I hope you enjoyed your birthday, Gavin.  And I hope that your fifth year brings lots of fun adventures and new friendships.  Mommy and Daddy are so very proud of you!

Happy birthday, Bugaboo!  
Love, Mommy.


  1. So sweet. I liked the predelivery video in his room.

  2. Happy Birthday Gavin!


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