Monday, September 10, 2012

Moving on Without Them...

Yesterday was National Grandparent's Day.  

I tried to take photos of the boys together to give to their Granny, but they weren't cooperating too much.  One was smiling while the other wasn' was drooling while the other wasn't...that type of thing.

I even dressed them in coordinating outfits.  Blue, which was their Pop's favorite color, to honor him on Grandparent's Day, too.  I'm so grateful that my children were able to meet my Dad...and that they continue to have a great relationship with their extraordinary Granny.

 My sisters and I spent the day with my Mom - just us girls.  But all day I held back tears.  I really wished my Dad was here.

When I told Brian we were taking these pictures for Grandparent's Day to give to Granny, he said "And Pop, too!"  I asked him, "Do you think Pop will see your pictures in Heaven?" to which he replied... "Yes!  He has pictures of us in his room up there."

For much of the weekend, I continued to organize, price and get all of our baby things ready for this weeks consignment sale.  I have given SO much of it away, which has truly helped me with my awful sadness.  But even having given so much away, I was still able to make over $500 selling things from my home.  Now the rest will go to the Just Between Friend's Sale.  All of the money will go towards the adaptive stroller I need for Gavin (if I can't get insurance to pay for it - I'm going to try!).  

Moving on is hard sometimes.  Moving on after the death of a loved one...or the death of a dream.  I'm doing my best and, as my Dad would have suggested, 'keeping the faith.'

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