Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Hour!...

Gavin is still battling the cold that his little brother passed on to him.  He was home again today...and will remain home tomorrow, too.  Gavin always takes much longer to recover from anything.  He has a real hard time with congestion, so today I asked Miss Sara if they could do more upright activities when they played together.

So Gavin enjoyed music time...
...and table time!
What was I doing?  Oh, the day I had.

Well, besides taking Brian to and from school, a lot.  Brian was well enough to go back to school this week and it was a good thing because he's "Star of the Week!!!!"  The first day the class interviews him - asks him what his favorite food is, his favorite parent (just kidding), etc.  The second day he brings in his favorite book from home and the teacher reads it to everyone.  He chose "Good Thing You're Not An Octopus!" which is an adorable book that our neighbors, the Roberts, gave him!  The third day, tomorrow, his friends give him compliments.  And on the last day he can bring something in for show and tell.  (Pick me!  Pick me!!)  He is so happy to be the star this week!!

But most of my day was spent babysitting a plumber.  Lately we've had a string of bad luck in that department.  Sunday we had to call out a refrigerator repairman because I discovered a leak in the basement - our refrigerator's ice machine had been slowly leaking and it made it's way all the way through the floor and into the basement.  Lovely.  Then, while we were down the basement Ed noticed two other pipes that were leaking.  Yahoo!  So this morning at 10:30, the plumber showed up.  Our usual plumber is out on medical leave so he sent his cousin.  Turns out, his cousin took a liking to me.  He didn't leave the house until 4pm.  I now know everything about him.  About his wife.  About his friends.  About his eating and drinking habits.  About his medical conditions.  I guess I just have that kind of face.  He was a very nice guy - but after most of the day with the water off, a sick Gavin, a mountain of things to do...it was a little much.  You don't really realize how dependent you are on water until you spend the day without it with two toddlers, one that's potty training.

In between chatting with the plumber, I had a lot of insurance paperwork and phone calls to make.  I think most people don't realize that having a special needs child means you are constantly dealing with, thanking, cursing, pleading with or fighting insurance companies.  I have been very lucky along the way.  Between our primary insurance and Gavin's medical assistance, which he received at birth because of his disabilities, I have been able to somehow...someway...get them to say yes (even if it took a LONG time to get to yes) to many things.  Let's just hope it stays that way.

Ed is out tonight for 'happy hour' with some work friends...and tomorrow he's going out with a very good friend of his that he hasn't seen in a while.  I'm really happy for him.  But to be honest - I'm happier for ME!!  No offense - I love my husband deeply.  But Ed going out means I don't have to COOK!!  Woo HOO!  Actually, I don't even have to TALK!  So tonight, I am coloring my hair (as I type this!)...eating a Tootsie Pop before dinner...and watching TV shows that Ed doesn't like.  After the day we had here, tonight is my kind of happy hour!!

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