Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bring It On, Year Five!...

This year for Gavin's birthday, I decided to not worry too much about the "typical" stuff - and do all the things that HE appreciates.  Like wrapping his presents.  If I forced him to sit and unwrap - he'd try to force himself out of my lap.  It would feel too much like "therapy" to him.  Not fun.  So I just presented him with all the gifts unopened - no work required.

And when we decided not to go to the beach and were trying to come up with other ideas...we wanted to pick something that we knew Gavin would like.  We could have spent the day at the Zoo - but that would have been more of a "Brian" trip.  The Aquarium?  Same thing.  We had to do something that involved rides and lights and music - Dutch Wonderland was the perfect choice.  (See yesterday's post!)

But there's one thing that I just can't quit.  Something that is NOT about Gavin at all.  As a matter of fact - it's something he could have skipped every year and not cared one bit.

A cake.
I present to you - Gavin's Ocean Themed cake!!  This year he was all about the ocean.  This year he was also NOT all about the cake.  (But for the record - it was an amazing cake.  I expect Buddy from Cake Boss to be calling me once he sees my blog)

Notice the details:  Mommy in the shade holding her sunscreen.  A sailboat in the water.  Gavin sitting in the ocean unattended while I read People magazine.
If you're wondering, Ed and Brian weren't available as miniature replicas.  Maybe next year they'll make the cut.

Since it's not a birthday without Granny, she came over to celebrate with us!  Actually, she came with dinner!!  (Note to self:  invite Granny over more often)  The birthday boy was so happy to see her when she got here...especially since I had accidentally left him outside in the tree.
Whoopsie!  Thanks, Mom!
 Brian was thrilled to see his Granny, too, and asked her to read his current favorite book to him: "Froggy Learns to Swim."  Watching my Mom read to him with dramatic enthusiasm and seeing the smile on his face reminded me why I always felt like I had the best Mom.  You could replace little Brian with a little Kate twenty years ago (work with me here, ok?) and she'd have the same enthusiastic, happy face.  
 She got right in there playing with one of Gavin's birthday gifts - Elefun!  It's an adorable game - the elephant blows butterflies out of it's long trunk and kids try to catch them with their little nets.  Gavin gets a kick out of watching the butterflies flying around.  Thanks to our generous neighbor friends, Patti and Patrick and their kids, Seamus and Molly for the awesome present!!
Gavin was all giggles the entire day.  And when the cake came and it was time to blow out the candles, he laughed and laughed and laughed.  The cake is really for us.  Although Gavin doesn't really like to eat sweets (or solids!) - we would just feel funny not celebrating (and photographing) his birthday without one.
 He stuck his fingers right in the icing, though!  He gets that from his Dad.
Of all the presents Gavin received this year, I think it was Miss Sara that wins the prize for best gift of the year.  No, it wasn't the awesome piano toy that Gavin can easily push to play...
It wasn't the cool outfits for Fall from her and her parents...or the suction cup spin toy that just might encourage him to use that left hand to spin it during meals... (seriously - she doesn't miss a thing!)
 It was his card.  The BEST CARD EVER.
I wish I had captured a better photo - but he was so happy and excited that he wouldn't stay still.  The card plays the opening theme of Gavin's favorite show - Little Einstein.  We've opened and closed that card at least fifty times since Friday.
Over the weekend, my Facebook wall was flooded with well wishes for Gavin on his special day.  It amazes me daily how many of you are invested in my child.  I don't take the love, support, prayers and positive thoughts you send his way for granted.  It means more to me than I could ever explain.  Gavin captured our heart as soon as he came into this world.  He is such an easy child to love.  Thank you to all of you for loving him, too.

Here we go, year five!  I can't wait to see what lies ahead...

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