Monday, August 20, 2012

Watch This, Watch This, Watch This...


This phrase comes out of Brian's mouth about 482 times a day.  Sometimes he's ready with a trick.  Other times he comes up with one right on the spot...improv-style.

Watch this!  Watch this!  Watch this, Mama!  And when I finally look - he jumps up and down.  Or he rolls a ball.  Or he turns into a "Swiffering Machine"...

Or he starts to dance.  Or he makes a waterfall in the bathtub...

Although it can *kinda, sorta* get old hearing him say Watch this!  Watch this!  Watch this!  Watch this!  Watch this!  Watch this, Mama! (see what I mean?)... it also makes me happy.  Why?  Because letting him perfect his acting, comedic and improvisational skills means this cute little face... one step further away from any contact sports.   

Speaking of cute little faces!  Gavin continues to amaze with his self feeding!

Tomorrow we're having a small get together with Gavin's team.  I know they are proud of all of his progress as much as we are.  It was a great two years with them - and we are sad to see (almost) all of them go.  Miss Wendy will continue to be his Physical Therapist at school...and Miss Carol will continue to monitor his hearing, just in case.  Stay tuned for a special post tomorrow.

Last night I discovered that one of my diamond earrings was missing.  Ed gave me diamond studs in the hospital after Gavin was born.  He could have given me a rubber bracelet and I would have worn it every day because of the meaning.  Losing this earring is less about the money (well - Ed totally disagrees) than the sentiment for me.  I'm really crushed.  We looked everywhere - even taking apart drains.  If you live in my neighborhood, that was me upside down in our very full, very smelly, very buggy and disgusting trash can this afternoon in the driveway.  I donned medical gloves and went through every single bag.  At this point, I have given up finding that earring.  If it turns up - it will be a miracle, really.  The timing really sucks, though, I have to say.

Oh well.  It could be worse.  At least I didn't lose my mind.

Oh wait...

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