Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Wheels On The Bus...

Today was a very exciting day for everyone!!

Brian returned to school after his summer break and left looking so grown up and handsome...

When we got to school, it was very exciting to tell his teachers that he is wearing big boy underpants!  AND that he's 100% NOT allergic to peanuts anymore, too!

After a quick picture with one of his teachers, Miss Morgan, he gave me a huge hug and ran right into school. 

Shortly after I got home from dropping him off, we had a visit from Miss Stephanie - Gavin's "former" Occupational therapist!  She missed the party the other day so she came by today instead...and brought her beautiful children.  Elise is going to be four in a couple weeks - and Carter is two.  No surprise, they were the sweetest, most polite children.  And Gavin had a lot of fun with them in the playroom while I gave Stephanie her gifts!

The time flew by and before I knew it, I had to go pick up Brian!  Gavin, Miss Sara and I piled in the car to all get him together.  I was thrilled to hear that he stayed dry (I wasn't sure how he'd do with all the distractions at school!) and went to the bathroom by himself.  Woo Hoo!

We left school and headed to the Bus Depot.

We were there to meet Allison Erb, the wonderful Transportation Supervisor that arranged a school bus tour for us.  After talking with her on the phone a few times, I felt like I knew her.  She's just as sweet in person - and she and the safety coordinator went out of their way to make us feel comfortable.

So, if you ever wondered how a child in a wheelchair gets on and off a school bus, our beautiful model, Gavin, will demonstrate!  

Here is a video of him getting onto the bus...

 Brian had a great time seeing all the buses and sitting, for the first time, in a real school bus seat!

They showed us how Gavin's chair will be tied down.  The huge bolts and clips and heavy duty straps made me feel a lot more comfortable.  Then he wears a lap and shoulder belt on top of his seat belt and shoulder harness on his chair.  I'm pretty confident he's not going anywhere.

This video shows some of the tie downs...

Then he came off the bus!  Gavin was a big fan of going up and down on the chair lift...

And Brian was happy to meet his brother when he came down.  He had to be the one to pull his chair off the loading platform.  It was very sweet.

We are very grateful to Allison and her crew at Eagle Wolfington for accommodating us today!  Gavin, Miss Sara...and Mommy's heart...are all ready for the first day of school on Monday!

When we got home, there was one more surprise.  Brian's gift to celebrate his first day back to school!  I made him sit and close his eyes and wait for the big surprise.  Brian loves surprises - and takes it very seriously as you can see...

He got an Angry Bird spiral notebook!  Something to fill with stickers and drawings and letters and numbers.  My little, imaginative, potty trained school boy.

I can't believe I have two little school boys.

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