Monday, August 6, 2012

The Three Musketeers!...

It's just Gavin, Brian and me during the day this week!  The original Three Musketeers!  Our lovely Miss Sara is on a well deserved vacation with her parents. Everyone knows we LOVE Miss Sara - and she is a HUGE help every day - but it is also nice to be alone in the house with my children.  I'm used to always having "company," so when I have a stretch of time alone...I love it.  It's hard not to feel like you have an "audience" - no matter who it is in the house with you.  When I'm alone, I seem to get so much more done.  It's hard to explain.  Plus, I'm looking forward to not sharing these little boys with anone this week.  Teacher, therapist, helper... ANYONE!  Especially Gavin - I shared him enough in the hospital last week.

So this week, Mommy and Gavin and Brian are on a little *Staycation* - and we're so excited.  If we wanted, we could stay in our pajamas all day.  Every day!  We could watch TV all day! We could have ice cream for lunch and dinner!  We likely won't do any of these things.  But we COULD - and that's the point!

Brian had a big day.  We had started potty training in July - but then we went on vacation and never got back into it.  Today was the day to start again and we went for it.  Brian wore his Angry Birds underwear all day.  He had two little accidents, but was super-successful overall!  He was really proud of himself.  Earlier this summer, he was getting a sticker and some Angry Birds fruit chews each time he went on the potty.  I put the 'kibosh' on that.  I told him that was what we did in July.  But now it's August and he's older - now he just pees and poops in the potty because he is a big boy.  He doesn't need presents each time anymore.  I said all that and then held my breath.  He bought it.  Whew!

We had a fun time building train tracks for much of the afternoon.  For a while our train table was used for other toys - but suddenly he's had a resurgence of interest in his train set.  It's very addicting, I have to say!  And mesmerizing.  He was so distracted that he had one of his accidents while we were playing.  Oh well - no biggie.

Gavin had a great day, too.  He fed himself the majority of the day and each bite was just as impressive as the last.  I also made him walk everywhere we went.  He can really motor when he wants to get somewhere!  He was extremely jealous of Brian's bathroom activity - he loves to sneak in the bathroom when the door is left open and splash in the toilet, unfortunately.

Gavin and I both ended our run (pun intended, I'm sad to say) on our antibiotics today.  Gavin for his hospital acquired pneumonia...and me for the Lyme diagnosis.  Gavin has been struggling after every meal since the first meal in the hospital with loose stools.  The antibiotic was just tearing him up. I was hoping the cup of Kefir I give him every morning would help - but it isn't enough.  So tonight Ed and I took the boys to Whole Foods and I bought a stronger Probiotic Kefir with an astronomical amount of live, probiotic cultures in a very small serving.  I can actually give it to him in a syringe.  I'm hoping this will do the trick.  It tastes great, which is a bonus!

The two of us will share the bottle.  I don't have the same problem as Gavin, but I have had some very unsettling symptoms for the past few weeks that I'm thinking may be from the antibiotics I was taking.  One symptom is very tender skin that looks and feels sunburned.  My arms and scalp are the worst.  My doctor had me tested for Lupus (for that and a variety of other reasons) which today came back negative, thank God.  So I'm hoping that being off this antibiotic and re-growing the flora in my body will make me feel better.  What a crazy road this has been!

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