Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Singing Superhero...

This morning Gavin had company at his "bus stop" - Brian came out to be the official Bus spotter.  Although he lost interest after a while - the bus was fifteen minutes late again.

I know it's the first week and everyone is working the kinks out, so I'm not upset about it really.  And Bruce, Gavin's bus driver, is new and learning the ropes with a trainer - so he gets lots of slack from this grateful Mom.  He's taking care of my child, after all!

Sara says he's a super careful driver.  But there is this one little issue that I need to figure out.  It is taking them close to ten minutes to get Gavin's chair strapped down before they leave.  Meanwhile, I'm sweating bullets watching my neighbors lined up trying to leave the development.  I can practically see their white knuckles from my house.  I think tomorrow I'll ask if they can turn off their flashers and pull in the stop sign once Gavin is securely on the bus.  That's what I'll do.  I am brilliant.

I neglected yesterday to get Miss Sara's "First Day of School" picture, so here you go...

Things are so different around here.  Leading up to this week, lots of people said to me, "You won't know what to do with yourself - you'll have so much free time!"  The reality is - I don't.  I see Gavin on the bus...then take Brian to school...before I know it, it's time to pick him up.  Then we come home and have a lunch date (which I really love - just the two of us!)...

...and before I know it again, it's time to go pick up Gavin and Sara!  I'm lucky that Ed's home on a "stay-cation" this week.  Today, Brian was trying to poop on the potty and I had to leave to get Gavin.  I was able to leave him home because Ed was here.  I'm not sure what will happen if I run into that kind of issue next week!!  

So...I know you're all dying to know about Gavin's second day.  Well, according to Sara's detailed report, it was better than the first day (and the first day was pretty darn good!)

Reason number 278 that I'm happy Sara is there...she knows what to celebrate.  Today, there was LOTS to celebrate!!  Gavin blew her away.  Here are a few highlights...

The class was doing an art project - making a school bus out of construction paper.  Gavin allowed the teacher to help him rip pieces of construction paper. (huge)  Then, he picked up a glue stick.  On his own.  (huger)  He didn't mind when he was helped to rub glue on the paper and then press down the strips that he had ripped.  Amazing.

My fist school art project from Gavin.  (School out of this house, that is)  It's already on the refrigerator and will make it's way to his overflowing memory box.

Also, during circle time they sing a "Hello Song" that goes "Hello Gavin, Hello Gavin, Hello Gavin, it's nice to see you here" or something like that.  After they sing with each child's name, the child then has to say hello by pushing a big red button called a "Big Mack" which has a voice saying "hello."  When it was Gavin's turn - he was asked to press it and he DID IT!  On command!!!

This is the thing.  No one really knows how AMAZING these things are except Sara!  I'm so happy she's there to tell them why she's suddenly doing the jig in class.

When I went to school to pick them up (waiting patiently at the curb, of course!) I couldn't wait to see him.  They both came out smiling and happy!!

So, if you were wondering how Gavin's day was...and how he feels about school... well, I'll let him tell you himself.  

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