Thursday, August 2, 2012

The End Of An Era...

Today was a huge day.  A victorious day.  Today marked the end of Gavin's in-home therapy.  For the last almost five years, I have had therapists in and out of our home on an almost daily basis.  Along the way we learned so much from them and they, in turn, learned from Gavin.  Each of these therapists invariably became our friends...confidantes...and Gavin's greatest cheerleaders.

The past week with our very sick boy in the hospital really threw me.  I couldn't pull together a more celebratory...more enthusiastic ending.  I'm planning a party for all of Gavin's therapists so we can thank them properly.

Gavin's last two home therapies were with Miss Janna and Miss Maggie.  Gavin and Miss Janna have had an obvious love affair from the very first day.  

I loved watching him with her - it was like he was flirting!!
Janna is a wonderful teacher and it's not lost on me that Gavin successfully color matched several times and allowed her to work hand over hand (something he usually hates!!).

She even had him holding markers this year to draw.  You know how some people are just born to be teachers?  They have endless patience and the sweetest personalities?  That's Janna.  Gavin is definitely going to miss her.

Miss Maggie followed right after Miss Janna - and they both presented Gavin with the sweetest "goodbye gift!"
Both of them used bubbles all the time in their sessions with Gavin, so it was perfect that they gave him a very cool electric bubble machine!!!

And a very thoughtful note as well...

Maggie has been a wonderful speech AND feeding therapist for Gavin.  It's a hard job to be his feeding anything - but Maggie never gave up.  She worked hard to introduce new textures and experiences and was always coming up with new ideas.  Gavin fought her nearly every step of the way, but she hung in there - learning every one of his favorite songs...playing games...and putting up with me hanging all over them taking pictures.

She worked hard with his iPad, too!  Gavin definitely made a ton of progress with requesting things on his iPad this year.  Maggie had such a nice way with Gavin.

She's a wonderful speech therapist AND a wonderful person.

I feel lucky that we're not really losing her!  When school resumes for Brian at the end of August, she will continue to be his speech therapist.  As many of you know, Brian's speech progress has been remarkable thanks to Maggie!

Over these last four-plus years, people have asked me "How do you stand having people in and out of your house every day??"  The answer?  I loved it.  It was my choice...and I'm so glad I made it.  Gavin was in his own home...I was right there to learn along with him...we all could bond with his therapist...and we made friends in them.  I feel indebted to all of the wonderful women who have walked in and out of my house and cared for Gavin like he was their own.  

Tomorrow morning we will be touring Gavin's new classroom and meeting his new teacher.  It will be the start of a whole new chapter for Gavin...and a whole new BOOK for me.  A book with chapters like "letting go" and "giving up control."  I think he's ready.  We're both ready.  I think.

Today marked the end of an era.
I'm looking forward to the next part of my journey as his Mommy...


  1. Watching your kids grow up is so hard. My girls will start high school on wendesday wow and they were 28 weekers who recived and one contines to recive therapys and has medical issues. The one who gets therapys is K who gets speech and sensory intergration therapy.She has a hearing loss, Crohn's diesese,Celiac Diesese, migranies,and SPD. E has no medical issues at all but recived EI for about a year for devolpmental delays. Both get straight A's,E dances ballet competivly and K is the class vice president.

  2. Looking forward to the new and exciting journey of Gavin. He will continue to blow our socks off and suprise us everyday.


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