Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Snooze Fest...

Gavin's recent surgery may have seemed like a big train wreck.  I mean who could have expected a nine day hospital stay - five of which were in the intensive care unit.  With a bonus gift of hospital acquired pneumonia.  Certainly not us. 

But - guess what?  As far as I can tell... the surgery was worth it.  Gavin doesn't snore anymore!!

His snoring before the surgery was out of control.  Like a grown man type of snore.  And his apnea was scary.  I'm very relieved that I don't need to obsess over listening to him on the monitor when he's in bed anymore.

I was also glad to get Gavin's hearing re-checked under sedation.  That was worth it to me.  Because he once wore hearing aids, I didn't want to assume that his hearing was still in the normal range.  I wanted to send him off to school with confidence that he could hear everything.  

Gavin's belly is recovering quickly.  Today was the second day off the antibiotic - and the second day on the intense probiotic - and he's doing really well.  I'll spare you the diaper details.  You'll have to just trust me.  

The boys had another fun day!  Well - as fun as it can be when the "Pinterest loving nanny who creates and crafts and plays" is away on vacation and you're left with a boring Mommy.  They've been toughing it out and sparing my feelings.  Brian even said to me today, "Mommy, your hair is cute!  I like it!"  I'm from the school of "flattery will get you everywhere."  Flattery got him an extra scoop of ice cream after dinner.

We had another day with no accidents in the potty training department!  Brian was very excited to share his good news with Daddy at bedtime!!

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  1. so exciting about the no snoring!! I really appreciate you sharing the challenges you all faced with the adenoid surgery b/c I feel like we're headed that way, and while my son doesn't have the issues Gavin does, what you shared will help me raise questions before we go in that will help.

    and high fives to Brian for the pottying success!


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