Friday, August 10, 2012

Garden of Achin'...

Yesterday had me down for the count.  A long, "One Mississippi, Two Mississippi...Five Thousand Mississippi" type of count.  Why?  I'll tell you.  But for all of those people (me included) that tire of hearing about my ridiculous physical issues - now is your chance to run away from your computer.

This week I felt a spurt of energy!  So, Wednesday - when the boys went down for their afternoon naps - I grabbed my gardening gloves and went outside to weed.  There was only one big job which was to cut down my large daisies for the season.  The rest was "a little weed here - a little weed there" - not hard at all.  I was psyched.  Very psyched.  I felt normal and was so happy to have done something other than perfect the look of a slug.

The next morning, yesterday, I was not psyched.  At all.  I woke up in serious pain.  It took me a while just to walk to the bathroom.  Ed was concerned and told me if I needed him to come home, he'd figure it out.  He was hoping I could get an appointment with Dr. Trish or Dr. Kang, but I couldn't.  The pain wasn't touched by a strong pain med plus a strong prescription Tylenol.  Ed hugged me as I cried uncharacteristically and saw him off to work.  I was so sad.

I had a chat with the boys and told them that Mommy wasn't feeling great.  I used words like "achy" and "sore"... and heard them repeated back to me all day by Brian.  "Mommy isn't feeling good.  You're achy, Mama?"  "Gavin, Mommy is sore.  Right, Mama?"  It seemed like they were "extra good" all day, as if they sensed that I was struggling.  It was so sweet.  And it totally sucked.  The boys pretty much watched PBS and movies all day long.

I have to face it - I can't do the things I used to.  While getting out of hard labor sounds awesome, it's really not when you're physically unable.  

So, that's why I bailed on the journal case anyone was wondering.

In other news, the boys are GREAT!  Brian is still doing such a great job on the potty.  He had an accident today that was probably my fault.  I tested him during his afternoon rest time and he peed in his bed.  In retrospect, it really was way too early to test him.

Gavin is as sweet as always and hasn't wasted any time getting his strength and his great attitude back after his long hospitalization.  Now I just need to get his weight back and we'll be all set!!

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  1. ack, so sorry. I have the same issues sometimes. I can't tell what triggers it. But it's so frustrating & makes me feel so powerless. I used to be able to push push push.... And you have been stretched hard lately. But oh, when you have the energy & it feels good, getting things accomplished, and then the payback...just doesn't feel fair. Hope you feel better soon.


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