Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What In The World Has Been Going On?...

I  know my journals haven't been normal and typical for me lately.  That pretty much sums up my life right now, to be honest!  Even this very moment - it's only a little past 7pm and I'm struggling to focus and stay awake.  It's been such a bummer.

But so much has been happening around here!!  I don't even know where to start.  I'm going to totally skip over me - we're all sick of hearing about me.  And I'll skip over Ed, too, as his news would probably be that he's sick of hearing about me, too.

Gavin has been changing right before our eyes.  He has become quite the climber!!  He tries to climb up and onto everything.  If he finds something to put a foot (or even just a toe) on, he'll climb.  I think I see rock climbing in his future.

The best news is - he can get himself down.  He very carefully lowers himself until he feels his foot on the ground.  He can also get in and out of his bed on his own, which is huge!!  He knows to turn himself around, get on his belly and lower himself over the edge until his feet are on the floor.  I'm so proud of him for this!

He's also been vocalizing quite a bit - another huge and exciting step.  We'll catch him "singing" or "talking" when he's by himself, which is sweet to hear from another room.  But he also has been making eye contact and almost seeming like he's trying to communicate something to us.  It makes me very excited to think about what this is leading up to!  Here's a short video of him "talking" to Miss Janna in therapy to give you an example of what his beautiful little voice sounds like.  I'll work on getting better ones soon!

Gavin's been communicating in other ways as well.  Lately he's been pitching little fits if he's not getting his way.  I LOVE it!  Just the other morning we were all in our bedroom when Ed went into the bathroom and closed the door.  Poor Gavin sat outside the whole time - hitting his hand on that door and yelling.  It was sad, I admit, but I couldn't help laughing (and taking his picture).

This afternoon, I took Gavin to see the ENT for one final check of his ears and throat before his scheduled surgery this coming Monday.  Everything is a "go" for the adenoidectomy, ear tube placement and his sedated ABR to check his hearing on July 23rd.  Please definitely check in on that day (here or on Facebook) and send some prayers!  

When we were leaving for home, I made a quick stop in the ladies room.  As I was washing my hands, I felt a "tap tap tap" on my leg and heard Gavin "talking".  I turned around and he looked right into my eyes and smiled.  I knew just what he wanted...and I gave it to him.

He wanted to wash his hands, too, and he told me.

Gavin's at home therapy services are coming to an end very soon.  I can't believe it.  I've been in such a fog that I totally spaced the fact that everyone is leaving us!!  The timing of Gavin's surgery was planned so it would be all done and he'd be healed before he started in his new preschool.  But I didn't factor in that he'd miss some of his last days with his current therapists.  I'm planning to have a party when everyone can be here - all together - so we can properly say thank you.  These women mean so much to our family.  They really do.

Gavin is going to miss them a lot...and so will I!

Brian has changed a lot as well!  Since we went to the beach, his speech has improved tremendously.  The things he comes up with - honestly, it leaves us all shaking our heads.  

"Brian, it's time for lunch"
"Mommy, I want to play for a little bit.  I want three minutes.  Set the timer."
"Huh?  Uh...okay."

He keeps us laughing all the time.

When we got back from vacation and he went back to school, his teachers couldn't get over how he'd changed.  All of a sudden he came out of his shell, they told me.  He talked to them without prompting...he talked to his peers...he told stories.  I've known it was in there all along - that he was taking everything in this whole time.  I knew it would come out in his own time - and it did.  Now I just hope they don't kick him out of school for making too much progress!  He loves those teachers!!

His school "year" will come to an end the first week of August.  He'll have a three week break before beginning again at the end of the month.  I'm not sure what we have planned for those three weeks, but if Brian has any say it will include LOTS of chalk in the driveway.

This past weekend we had Sara and her parents over for lunch!  It was our first time meeting her Mom and Dad and they were just as lovely as she is.  Really.  Sara's Mom, Bonnie, is a school teacher - which was very apparent by her sweet and easygoing nature around the boys.

 And her father, Ernie, is a pastor.  Gavin really warmed up to him - as you can see! 

It was fun to spend time together.  Sara is part of our family (and always will be!) - and we felt like we knew her parents before they even came to our home!  In meeting them, it was clear to us why Sara is as wonderful as she is.  She's had great examples all her life.

Soon we will be attending the open house for Gavin's new classroom.  Sara is very excited to be going with him every day and I promised her that I'd buy her a new pencil case.  You're never too old for back to school shopping!

I think you're all caught up!  Or let me put it this way - you're as caught up as you're gonna get.  I think I've re-read this seven times (which I never do) and I'm pretty sure a lot of it doesn't make sense.  My brain is so damn foggy!!  And I just can't keep my eyes open anymore.  I'm off to bed...

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  1. RE: Brian's speech improvement after vacation ... we have noticed for the last few years that we see big developmental leaps after a family vacay. We try to go to the beach for 2 weeks at the end of summer and the little guys always bring home new skilz ;) ... Two years ago it was potty training (just in the nick of time for 3 yr old preschool). Two weeks of following dad to the loo did the trick (we were thrilled, but a little apprehensive about the 14 hour drive home to literally test drive the brand new skill, but thrilled anyway). The year before that, it was a major language leap. There is something magical about the two parent (or 2 plus extended fam) quality time, I think.


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