Monday, July 16, 2012

We're Nuts About Brian!...

Today was Brian's allergy testing to see if the "allergy elimination technique" I've been doing with the help of our Acupuncturist, Dr. Kang, worked.  He was retested on his back for peanuts and tree nuts.  Nothing showed up.

Seriously - nothing showed up!!

To quote the allergist, "Wow.  This is a surprise!"

To say that I'm happy is the biggest understatement of the year.  I really needed this good news!!

Here was the timeline of events.  You can click on each date to read the posts from that day:

January 29th (of this year) he had his first incidence of hives after eating peanut butter.  He had had peanut butter before...and was getting a cold.  The pediatrician thought the hives were caused by the cold virus and not the peanut butter.

February 9th - his next experience with hives after eating peanut butter - the first peanut butter he had since January 29th due to my fear.  This time the hives were much worse and very itchy.

March 9th - the official "diagnosis" by the allergist (along with a compassionate hug and an epi pen)

March 22nd - we officially started treatments using NAET.  I put the nuts he was allergic to in a glass jar.  Every evening before dinner, Brian would lay down on his belly and I would put the jar up one of his pant legs so it touched his skin.  Then I'd perform the percussion massage down his spine - stimulating up and down the meridians.  I was very diligent Monday through Friday.

We would go back to Dr. Kang for her to check our progress using muscle testing (completely non invasive - you can read all about the technique in THIS POST.) until last week when she said she thought the peanut allergy had cleared.  I immediately made an appointment to get tested by the allergist  which brings us to today...

July 16th - GONE!

Four months from his diagnosis.  Six months from his first hives outbreak.  I can't wait to tell Dr. Kang.  The allergist told me that she'd like Brian to come back, just to be on the safe side, to do a "peanut challenge."  It's an all morning appointment where they'd slowly feed him peanut butter to make sure he doesn't react.  The "final test."  Although she shared with me that I could probably do it myself at home - she really doesn't expect anything to happen.

IMPORTANT:  Please - do NOT try ANY of this with your child on your own without consulting with a doctor.  This worked for Brian, but I don't know enough about nut allergies to know if it would work with your child.  Nut allergies are no joke - it's a very serious and scary allergy and could very easily be life threatening.  The statistics I found say that tree nut allergies are the second leading cause of fatal food anaphylaxis, with peanut allergies being the first!  I also read that only 9% of kids with a tree nut allergy will outgrow it by their sixth birthday.  

Gavin, Brian and I left the allergist office and headed right to the toy store to celebrate.  

Brian picked out a bongo, of course.  

Gavin got a cool magic magnet board that he used in therapy this morning with Miss Janna and loved.  We had to have it after that!!  

I'm not going to lie - I feel really proud.  I left the allergist feeling so empowered.  I so wanted this to work - and it did!!  Now I feel like I can handle this Lyme disease crap.  Just yesterday I was feeling rather defeated.  Today gave me the boost I needed.  And with this success, I'm motivated to move on to other allergens.  I'll be getting a new glass jar and filling it with Wheat Gluten flour.  The next jar? Eggs.  Followed by dog hair.  Can't hurt, right?

There's so much more I could share with you about our weekend and Gavin and therapy and Brian's speech - but I don't want to share this post with any other news.  Today is such a big day for Brian...and for me!! 

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