Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Slipping and Sliding...

Gavin and I were out the door early this morning.  We had an appointment at DuPont Hospital to have his Kid Kart wheelchair adjusted...and to have him evaluated for a new chair.  Ed and I tried to make some adjustments to his current chair on our own, but I feared that we didn't do the best job.  The manual for the chair was written in broken English.  Or something like that.  Gavin would get fussy a lot when he was in the chair - which said to me that my usually agreeable child was uncomfortable.

At the hospital, it took the woman about five minutes to make adjustments.  When she was through it looked like a brand new chair!  She even added extra-extra padding under his seat to cushion his skinny little behind.  We agreed that this chair will continue to serve him for another year or so.  I do love that you can remove the chair from the wheeled base and click it into a "hi-lo" base.  It can be lifted high enough so Gavin can sit at a table...and lowered so low that he is practically sitting on the floor.  I can see him participating in "Circle Time" once he starts school!

While we were waiting, Gavin entertained me with somersault attempts.

After our appointment, we had a lunch date in the hospital cafeteria!  I was beaming when three different people independent of each other stopped by our table to flirt with Gavin!  He was especially giggly and happy during our lunch.

We left the hospital and made a pit stop at a local store.  Gavin is an excellent shopping partner and I knew he'd help me find something we desperately needed...


Brian didn't waste ANY time joining his big brother!

It was a fun afternoon.

We came inside for a snack.  Sara and I turned our backs, probably to discuss last night's "The Bachelorette", and turned around to see this...

Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Love all the pictures!!! Heather

  2. Your boys are so sweet and awesome! I love your posts and appreciate you!



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