Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's A Colorful Life...

Yesterday we spent our Fourth of July at the Crayola Factory!

Granny was with us, too, so I sat in the backseat in between Gavin and Brian for the hour and a half trip.  Gavin thought that was the most hysterical thing ever.  He laughed and giggled both ways!

Before we even entered the factory, Brian was intrigued with the flattened penny machine.  He chose a design and made one all by himself by turning that big handle around.  
He carried that penny around or had it in his pocket the entire time.  He even asked to go to bed with it last night!

Miss Sara grew up in the Easton area and gave us lots of inside tips about the Crayola Factory and the area.  The best tip was to bring a cooler - we could eat lunch inside at their beautiful picnic area!  While the crowds were just coming in, we were smart to eat first when no one was in there!  Gavin felt like the king at the head of the table.

There were so many fun things to do for kids of all ages.  I was so pleased that everything was very accessible to Gavin in his wheelchair.  I think he enjoyed himself!

We watched a fun demonstration about how crayons and markers are made.  I was worried that the boys would be bored by this part, but Brian and Gavin had a blast!  They even gave away freshly made crayons and markers afterward.

 My little artist, Brian, was in heaven.  He couldn't get over that they let you color and draw on everything!  He was all over the place wanting to try everything.

Brian and Gavin were able to make themselves part of a coloring page, which was so neat!

We had a really fun time at an exhibit called "Cool Moves."  Your body's movements are recorded and then projected onto a colorful screen in kaleidoscope patterns.  Super mesmerizing!!

This is me and Brian!

And I captured Gavin, too!

Gavin got a big kick out of the funny mirrors, as you can see...

We had a great day and we'll definitely go back!  There's SO much more we could do there!!

Today we welcomed Miss Sara back after her day off for the holiday.  It was extremely hot so we didn't dare venture outside.  Instead, we baked brownies! This was a "first" in a lot of areas.  

First time baking brownies. 

 First time eating brownie batter.  
Miss Sara even shared her beater with Brian - I'm pretty sure that screams "true love," don't you?

And first time eating a brownie!! 
 A momentous occasion, indeed.


  1. I love when you make an appearance in some of the pictures. You are so pretty and look like such a happy person. So does your Mom! I have been reading this blog for a long time. I love you and your family. You have the most adorable boys. I really mean it. I suffer from depression and have had some very dark days. Reading your journal has given me such hope. Even on one of your worst days, I am uplifted because you have the bravery to be so honest with us. Thank you for changing my life, Kate.

  2. Kate, As a Mom who has little ones with allergies too, can you give the name of the brownie brand you are using? I don't recognize that box! I would love to see if I can find it here! Thanks!

  3. Wow...thank you so much "anonymous"! What a nice thing to say. I'm glad I can bring some happiness and hope to you.

    And Stephanie - the gluten free brownies are from Wegman's. Here's the link:

    They were very good! Really fudgy!! :-)

  4. Thank you, Kate!!



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