Sunday, July 8, 2012


This weekend we had quite a heatwave in Pennsylvania.  The temperature was easily a hundred degrees and there were tons of warnings to stay inside.  

We did a lot of laying around...

Although Saturday morning we did plan one outing!  We left the house before the temperature got too high and spent a fun morning at Arnold's Family Fun Center.  

Gavin and I had fun bouncing around in a bounce house...

And I brought Brian into a "kids only" bounce house section.  It was so early that he was the only kid there - the place was empty! I thought he'd get in and go crazy!!!  But he preferred to jump around and do somersaults on the mats right outside...

I guess I can't blame him.  This does look slightly intimidating!

So, we played in their little playground area

And played lots of video games and skee ball!

It was a good way to celebrate the end of their summer break.  Tomorrow Gavin will be back into his therapy routine...and Brian will be back in school.  It has been a great two weeks!  The beach and boardwalk, the Crayola Factory, the Slip and Slide, the Zoo...we packed in a lot of new experiences and made wonderful memories.

All good things must come to an end! 

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