Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day Seven: Would You Like A Shake With That?...

I can't believe we've been in this hospital for seven days.  Unbelievable!  Gavin is doing pretty well - but we're not *there* yet.

Gavin woke up happy and hungry and ate a great breakfast.  He had a whole cup of Kefir which made me happy since that's what I use at home to keep him "regular".  Plus, the probiotics are helpful while he's taking the antibiotic for his Pneumonia.  He also had a cup of milk and some pureed food.

After breakfast, Miss Sara came to visit and stayed late into the afternoon with us.

Gavin was SO happy to see her.  And so was I!  We laughed and talked and laughed and talked...pretty much what we do every day at home.  She also did a great job of eliciting smiles from Gavin.  Take a look...

Gavin was in a playful mood for much of the morning.  Sara and I were both so happy to see him smiling.  He's a boy with an easy smile, so when it goes missing for a while you'll do anything to get it back.  This morning he was making US smile!  Here he is playing "Peek a Boo"...

The doctor came in and we chatted about Gavin's current condition, his progress and his plan.  I asked if we could remove his IV and switch to all oral meds.  She said yes.  (Boy, was Gavin happy to have his hand back!!)  I asked if we could eliminate some medications - the Lasix and the Zantac, which they had him on while he was on BiPAP and not eating or drinking.  She said yes.  I asked if he could go home soon.  She said that it depended on Gavin, but she was concerned about his Oxygenation.  Gavin has started getting very congested - likely from the Vapotherm which adds lots of humidity and causes his nose to run.  It could also be from laying around - everything just sits.  The doctor said she wanted Gavin to try a percussion vest that would help break up the mucous in his lungs and help him move it up and out.  This might also allow them to be more agressive with weaning him off the Vapotherm.

I also contacted the ENT surgeon about Gavin's left ear.  I noticed that when I put the drops in that ear he winces and cries out.  I just feel that something is up.  A couple doctors looked in with their otoscopes, but it may require a different type of instrument.  Gavin's ear canals are unusually shaped and it's hard to see in very far.

The afternoon was a little rougher for Gavin.  He started having pretty bad diarrhea.  The kind that required me to change not only his diaper, but his gown and his linens as well.  Poor kid!  I think getting back to eating food after a week of nothing was a shock to his system.  It was a long day for both of us.

After dinner and making a fun video to send to Brian, I tried to keep Gavin awake.  Respiratory therapy was coming with the shaky vest thingamajig.  Unfortunately, it was 9:30 when they came.  And when I found out that the doctor wanted this done every six hours I regretted terribly keeping him awake.
But, in Gavin style, he was sweet and patient - and didn't put up a fight at all when the vest was put on.

When I told him he would hop like we did on the frog ride on the boardwalk, he gave me a weak smile. And then she turned it on and it took him by surprise...

It stayed on him for ten minutes and I really thought he was going to fall asleep.  Afterward she used gentle suction in his nose and got out SO MUCH!  It wasn't long after that that he finally fell fast asleep.  

Please send every positive thought and prayer you can spare.  I really need to get Gavin well...and get him home.  I need us all back together again.


  1. amber mones-jacksonJuly 29, 2012 at 11:41 PM

    Hello sweet Leong family. Sending prayers and positive vibes for Gavin daily. Can't wait till he is home.

  2. Hi Kate:

    I have been off the "grid" of computers, phones, etc for a couple of weeks. I am just getting caught up. Of course, I will pray for your Superhero. They are going up now and I pray he's well and home quickly.



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