Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beep! Beep!

Big day in the Leong house.  I've got big news.  Are you sitting down?

Today I let Miss Sara drive Brian.  In her car.  Twice.

I told you it was big.  I've always had a thing about other people driving my children.  Any other people - including the Pope and Mother Theresa.  I've always figured - if something would ever (God forbid) happen to one of my children while they're on the road - I'd rather it be on our watch.  But I can't be everywhere...and lately I've been taking Gavin an hour away to the hospital.  Each time I'd take him - Brian would miss school because of my fears.  So today - I squelched them.  And it worked out great.

I basically said this to Sara:  You know all the things you see ME do when I'm driving with you and the kids in the car?  Don't do ANY of THAT.

Brian thought the whole experience was awesome.  He told Miss Sara her car was "fancy" and he ran up to her with his arms stretched wide when she picked him up from school.  As I requested - she sent me a text with a photo of the two of them alive when they got back to the house.  (Do I need to remind you of my warped sense of humor?)

I love this girl.

The whole process will be repeated this Monday.  Sara will be 100% in charge of Brian while Ed and I take Gavin to the hospital for his surgery.  He's having his adenoids removed, tubes placed in his ears and, while still sedated, they will check his hearing.

We're still winding down Gavin's home therapy services!!  There's only a handful of days left -and his surgery cuts even more time away from our goodbyes.  Today Miss Janna was here and Gavin surprised us with a long overdue encore of color matching!  Here's a cute video showing the two times he successfully matched colors - and sweet Miss Janna blowing bubbles in celebration.

As you can see, Gavin kinda likes bubbles.

Miss Maggie was here right after Janna and we went over some Speech refreshers.  The most important one for me to absorb is a technique called OWL.  It stands for "Observe" "Wait" "Listen".  The best example I can give you is this.

"Gavin, are you gonna talk to me?  Tell me a story.  I want to hear you.  Sing to me, Gavin!  Come on, I know you can do it...."

Basically, continuing to talk non stop and not allowing the most important thing.  Silence.  Gavin needs processing time before he does anything.  If I stop and just listen - he starts vocalizing.  One might say that I could apply this to conversations with a husband who might live in this house - but let's just focus on Gavin, okay?
Brian will continue getting speech therapy from Miss Maggie when school resumes this Fall and I'm thrilled about that.  He's made an extraordinary amount of progress since he started with her.  He started school barely talking...and now he's talking non stop and saying things like, "Hold on a minute" and negotiating a different snack and saying "Please" and "Thank you".  Today in speech he worked with another little girl and Maggie had them interview each other.  Janna, who shares an office with Maggie, overheard the other little girl interviewing Brian.  She asked him what his name is...what his favorite color is...and what his favorite thing to eat is.  But Janna told me she overheard the sweetest thing.  When the little girl asked how many brothers he had, he said one.  Then she asked how many sisters he had...and he counted Darcy.

I suppose I have plenty of things to complain about these days - "a lot on my plate," so I've been told.  But it's really hard to remember them.  I'm one grateful Mother.

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