Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Mother Always Knows...

I had just pressed "Publish" on my last post when it started.

Gavin's kicking and thrashing turned into crying out and violent jerking movements.  I rushed to his side to try to calm him and tried to think of anything that I could do.  It just continued to get worse.  I knew in my heart that something was wrong.

I pressed the call button and asked for them to send in our nurse.  We had just met her tonight.  After a few minutes and no nurse, I pressed the call button again and asked if they could send in a doctor.  Anyone.  I really needed help!

Suddenly the nurse arrived.  I showed her Gavin's behavior - told her it was completely abnormal - explained that I knew something was wrong.  She assured me that his vitals looked fine on the monitor - that he was due for his Toradol (the new pain med they switched him to) and we should give it to him and see if it helps.

I told her, "How about you give it to him while a doctor looks at him.  Just in case."

She pushed back for a little bit.  Not in a rude way - just a practical, "his vitals are normal, maybe he's mad" explain it away kind of way.  

I finally (and strongly) told her that something was very wrong with Gavin.  I needed a doctor to see him  now.  He had been here since Monday and he's NEVER acted like this the entire time.

Next thing I knew, there were two doctors in the room.  It was quickly discovered that Gavin's two hour old IV was painfully infiltrated.  I wanted to cry.

So I did.

By the time the Toradol kicked in a little, they pulled off the tape and removed the IV - he calmed down a little bit.  But then we had to contend with getting in another freaking IV.  The doctor ordered oral Morphine for him - knowing what I knew all along.  Gavin was in pain.  And if he had to endure another IV stick, I wanted the Morphine in his system beforehand.

Luckily, the IV Team was successful on the first stick.  They used the inside of Gavin's wrist which was rough - but it worked.  We secured it with cement and steel at my request.

It took a while for Gavin to let go of me and fall asleep.  I can't blame him.  It has been a really traumatic night for both of us.  I'm just glad that I can be here with Gavin - and that there's always one of us with him at all times during hospitalizations like this.  

The moral of this story?  Always trust your instincts when it comes to your child.  A Mother always knows.


  1. Kate, you are so right. So glad everyone is calm again. You gave me a great reminder that when I go for my son's 3 year checkup next week, if I have to grab the doctor and shake her to get her to understand that my son has a legitimate intestinal issue and I want to know what is causing it, then I will. I am too much of a pushover with the doctor. You are the PERFECT mom for Gavin. Someone else might not be as good at standing up for him the way you do. Keep it up! --Renee in CA

  2. {{{{{{HUGS}}}}} Good for you for calling in the IV team. J was a difficult stick during his hospitalization and they tried all kinds of weird places, including his head (!) We ended up with a central line because they couldn't get a PICC in either.

    Thinking of you guys, and hoping you both get some rest tonight!

  3. So true kate so true Mother knows best Good thing you were there and persisted on. He must have been in a ton of pain and had to let you know someway even if it was by abnormal behavior that the nurse did not understand. My prayers continue


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