Monday, June 11, 2012

Two Week Wait...

If any of you reading this have ever tried to know how the "two week wait" can bring out a range of emotions in you.  The time between conception and finding out if you're pregnant - when you over analyze every twinge, symptom, lack of symptoms, etc.  

If you're wondering what types of things I'm "over analyzing" - I'm here to tell you.  Today is four days past my five day transfer.  Since Saturday I've had a lot of dizziness - today, especially.  And I'm more tired than normal.  I'm also having mini-hot flashes.  Anyone who writes to me and says it could be early menopause and not pregnancy will make me cry.  (Only because I know that's probably a possibility at my age!  Ha ha!)

Tomorrow morning I go in for my first blood test where they check my hormone levels to be sure I'm getting enough Estrogen and Progesterone.  Ed gives me a very large needle in my back side every morning with Progesterone...and I take Estrogen three times a day.  Hopefully they won't need to add anything else to my arsenal.

Today was business as usual around here.  Brian went to school in the morning - and Gavin had therapy with Miss Janna in the afternoon.  We're still working on color matching.  It's getting harder and harder to remember that Gavin had a stretch of time when he actually color matched.  Just when we were getting used to it - POOF!  He never did it again.  But we keep trying!!

Brian loves the fun toys that Janna brings.  Today she brought new books with monsters in it - he loves monsters!

And when Janna pulled out "Bubble Bear", she was kind enough to let Brian try to blow the bubbles.  He tried and tried and tried...
 But in the end, he let the expert handle it.  (She really is the best bubble blower in town!)
 And instead, he tried to blow them once they were in the air.  Gavin loved the whole show!

When Brian is involved in any of the therapies, I try to keep him occupied and cooperative.  But there are times when he wants something he can't have.  He's going through the stage where everything is "his."  So I've been faced with lots of little teaching opportunities.  Brian and I leave the room for a "talk."  Sometimes it works - sometimes it didn't quite sink in.

But the good outweighs the bad.  Gavin loves when his brother is there.  They have such a special bond - I love the way Gavin's face lights up when he sees his brother.
This afternoon when I opened Brian's backpack to look at his communication book, I had a *moment* when I read:

"Brian was very excited to tell us how he played with Gavin this weekend!"

Be still my heart.


  1. It's very nice to see how well your two boys bond with each other. It's so sweet. Praying everything goes well.

  2. Fingers crossed all goes well! I know you'll be happy with whatever you get but I'm secretly hoping its a girl! I have a feeling ;)

  3. Dizziness was my tell-tale sign! Yippee! Much love to you friend.

  4. Dizziness was my first sign, fingers & toes crossed!


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