Sunday, June 24, 2012

So Far, So Good...

My entries this week won't be too wordy... by the end of the day I'm exhausted from morning to night activities.  Just the thing I needed to keep my mind occupied.  This entry is heavy on the photos - but trust me, it's worth it to read to the end.  Well, if you're looking for a laugh today anyway!

So far I haven't really done a whole lot of thinking which is brilliant.  And because I'm always here for you, I wanted to share my recipes for success so far.  You're welcome.  

Gavin + Ocean = Amazement.
He squealed when I carried him down to the water and practically jumped out of my arms.
I kept grabbing him when a strong wave would come - but then realized I didn't have to!  He kept his balance every time!
He loved digging his hands in the wet sand - it would have made his OT, Miss Stephanie, so proud!
Gavin is our little Mermaid.  Or is it Merman?

Brian + Sand = Hours of fun playing "find the sand" and realizing that "Gee, God really did make our bodies with too many crevices, didn't He?"

I'd do it every day for this cute face, though.

After a little snack, we headed back.  We spent more time getting ready and getting cleaned up at home than we did on the beach, that's for sure.

After Brian's LONG afternoon nap, we were ready to hit the boardwalk.

Boardwalk + Gavin on rides + Brian laughing and chasing seagulls and eating ice cream = Pure Joy.

Brian hasn't quite warmed up to the rides yet.  He started off preferring to watch his brother and laugh and cheer from the sidelines...

Gavin was all smiles on every ride.  He is such a happy, happy boy when he's here!!
 Can you see his sweet smiling face through this window?
 Granny + Brian = the Cherry on Top

After our ice cream break, Brian surprised me and told me he wanted to go on the boat ride.  Yay!  See the little girls in the back?  The pretty little one on the left was named Darcy - we met her in line.  *smile*
Brian picked the green boat - because it was Mommy's favorite color.  He wanted to sit in the front and ring the bell.  See the cute little boy that sat in the back of his boat?  Oh boy.  At one point, that kid started to climb out of the back and into the front - grabbing Brian's bell and ringing it.  Brian looked at the kid in shock - and then looked at me.  Then the ride operator grabbed the kid and put him next to Brian in the front...leaving the back seat empty.  And, of course, he took over the bell ringing job from Brian.  I started to see red.  Yes, I realize it's a kiddie boat ride and I need to chill.  But it was the worst timing.  So, I leapt over the fence in one jump and yelled "WHO ARE THE PARENTS OF THIS BOY???"
Okay, I'm just kidding.  Although I did quick grab Brian and I put him in the back seat thinking if he had his own seat and own bell he'd be happy again.

As you can see...I was wrong.

Brian + Boat ride = Mommy FAIL

So, I took a photo.  Hey - don't judge.  It's part of the whole story.

We ended the ride portion of the evening on Gavin's favorite - the bouncing frogs.  I tell you - this kid loves those wild rides!!  He's just like his Mommy.  I've had a 42 year long wild ride!  My Mom is here to attest to the truth of that!

The only way to end the night?  Skee Ball with Granny.

Brian + Skee Ball = Attracting a laughing audience!
 Granny tried to teach him how to roll the ball up real hard to get it into the top.  Brian was having so much fun rolling the ball and then catching it when it came back that he didn't quite care.
 Just then, we saw the light bulb go off above his head.

It was, by far, the biggest laugh I've had in a while.  For some reason I wasn't able to get the video on here - I'll put it on Facebook later.  It's hilarious.  I'm posting more on Facebook throughout the day and night - if you want to follow along, feel free to friend me.  Look for the Facebook button at the top of the blog.

We're off to the beach!

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  1. Your attitude is so strong and amazing. You have such amazing wonderful lil boys! I hope your family has a fabulous time and you get some healing in your heart. God Bless.


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