Monday, June 4, 2012

One Egg - One Basket...

It's very possible that tomorrow might be the day - our final effort to conceive.  I got the call from the embryologist that our embryo is growing and dividing beautifully.  Then I got the call from then nurse to tentatively schedule my embryo transfer for tomorrow morning at 11:30!  There's still a possibility that things will change and they'll decide to push it to Thursday, but I won't know that until tomorrow morning when they check the embryo again.

***Edited today to update!  The transfer has been postponed two days.  This is the best news ever and I'll explain why in the next post!***

We can't use the expression that we're putting all our eggs in one basket...because the opposite is true.  We chose to only use ONE egg.  
One egg - one basket.  One egg which would become one embryo which would (theoretically) become one baby (hopefully).  It's a big gamble - but that was our choice after long and thoughtful consideration.  We originally thought we would use two eggs from the donor - fertilize both - transfer one - then freeze or donate the remaining embryo.  We changed our mind.  So far things are going so well - we're lucky!!  We realize it's a big risk, but we're okay with that.  If this baby is meant to be, it will happen.  We really believe that.

This afternoon, Miss Janna brought a visitor with her to Gavin's therapy.  Deb Hiller is a consultant within the school system and her job (one of a thousand, I'm sure!) is to stock Gavin's new classroom for the Fall!  I was so flattered that she would want to come by to check up on Gavin and see not only what his physical needs would be...but what types of things he likes and responds to.  Gavin, unfortunately, was in a sad mood for some inexplicable reason during her visit - big tears and everything!  But she was still able to get an idea for the things he'll need.  I told her we would keep in touch - I'm sure there are toys of Gavin's that I could donate (or replicate!) to send with him when school starts!

The details of the class and the start and stop time are still being ironed out.  So far there are only three students in the class - but they are sure that number will grow over the next couple months.  What I do know is that the day is longer than Brian's - but what I don't know is how much longer or if I'll be able to swing driving both (in two different directions!).  Regardless, I am shocking myself with how comfortable I am with this school idea.  As my Mom just told me on the phone - I've come a long way. And so has Gavin.

It's very easy for me to picture having two little boys in pre-school and having a morning free getting to know a new baby Leong.  

Let's hope that vision becomes a reality!!

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  1. I really hope that this all becomes a REAL reality for you and your family. That would be so great! Sending prayers for all of you.


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