Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Grade A...

Taking the night off from writing due to lack of motivation...

But I did want to mention this.  Our embryo transfer has been pushed to Thursday.  The embryologist thought that our little embryo could benefit from two more days of baking and dividing.  He told us that the quality is EXCELLENT.  Grade A, he said.  This was something I haven't heard using my own eggs, so we are psyched!

I'm also so, so happy that the transfer will be on Thursday.  June 7th is my parent's wedding anniversary.  This year they would have been celebrating 54 years.  To me it's like a thumbs up from Heaven that my procedure would fall on this day.

Love never dies.

Do you know that if this embryo was growing inside of me at this moment, I would technically be 2 weeks and 3 days pregnant?  Crazy when you think of it that way.

One egg is now one embryo.  Hopefully I can count on your one prayer or one positive thought come Thursday.

I guess I had more motivation than I thought!

Now here are two gratuitous photos of our superhero, Gavin, from today to make your night.

The end.


  1. June 7 is also my parents' wedding anniversary! We hope it will be a magical day for the Leongs. The Schmidts will certainly have you in our thoughts and prayers!

    Geoff, Elayne, Ali and Drew - and Lucy too!!

  2. June 7 is my wedding annIversary as well. A glorious and love filled day!
    Praying for you and yor Grade A embryo!!!

  3. So glad they are able to wait and do a day 5 transfer. I have been keeping you in my thoughts and am so hopeful that this little embryo will take!

  4. Holding you all in my thoughts!


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