Thursday, June 14, 2012

Break Time...

Today was Brian's last day of school for the next two weeks!  He won't go back until July 9th.  His teachers threw a party today to celebrate.  They all ate ice cream and watched The Lion King, which Brian reported was just "too loud."  I think he'll miss school, but we have some really fun things planned for his break - including taking a trip to the beach for a little vacation!

This week ends Gavin's therapy before a break as well.  Today was the last day he'll see Miss Janna and Miss Maggie for two weeks!  (excuse the blurry shots - I can't believe it myself)

Gavin always does something pretty awesome during his therapy break.  Who can forget this HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT from last year's two week break?

We were at the beach on the boardwalk rides and Gavin rode the firetruck by himself.  It was without a doubt one of the best days of my life.

In other news, I am now six days past my transfer.  Or, as they say in the infertility club, I am 6dp5dt - which means "six days past a five day transfer".  Which also means for me - still not pregnant.  I'm going to have to ask you to hope for me at this point.  I'm feeling uncharacteristically optimistic for many reasons.  Oh, and God still hasn't gotten back to us on that walkie talkie.  Perhaps I should turn to Twitter?  I'll keep you posted.


  1. Kate:

    I am praying for you daily that you are pregnant and that you are allowed to have another baby. That is my ultimate hope for your family.

    Much love from over here on the other coast!

  2. To give you some hope, on 6dp5dt I got a negative. Clear, no line, no hint, shadow or anything BFN. The next day I got the faintest positive. And I was carrying TWINS! This time around, I didn't get a positive until 8dp5dt. Don't give up hope yet.

    Keeping you in my thoughts!

  3. @GOD little help here guy... #makekateprego


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