Monday, June 25, 2012

Beach Bum...

Yesterday was another fun day at the beach!

Okay - I'm lying.  I can't take it anymore.  The beach, I mean.  I have to be real - I am NOT a beach person.  Never was - likely never will be.  Besides being ghostly white (by birth and by choice!) I just don't like the sand and the hot sun...which pretty much comprises the beach experience.  So, when you add lots of equipment - pulling a stroller through the sand - trying to keep Gavin's sandy hands from going in his eyes (stress!!) - reminding Brian not to throw or kick sand - screaming and running to rescue Gavin when his stroller (that he was in!) tipped over and fell sideways into the sand - it's confirmation that you are all...a beach girl.  

But - there's one thing I am.  A proud beach Mommy.  I can deal with all the stress of getting ready to go there, getting there, being there, packing up to leave there and cleaning up at home because of this:

Watching Gavin enjoy the ocean makes it all worth it.  He was more daring yesterday...even taking a few waves to the face!

Lucky for me, I have two kids that don't like staying on the beach that long.  After about a half hour in the water, Gavin is exhausted.  And after playing in the sun and getting red in the face from the heat - Brian is under the umbrella asking for cold milk and to go home.

Thank God for small favors.

So once home, we rest up before a night on the boardwalk.  Brian was happy drawing and practicing his letters.

And Gavin was happy with his toys.  We put one of our king size sheets over their rug - the dog hair was giving Gavin a rash and the sheet was the perfect barrier!  

After dinner we headed to the boardwalk.  Would we have fun?  Would Brian go on the rides tonight?  Would Gavin enjoy the fire trucks?  Would Brian let Granny have a turn at Skee Ball?

Only Zoltar knows.

We saw a real, live Angry Bird outside a store!!  I brought Gavin up to encourage Brian to follow...

...but this is as close as he'd get.

Gavin and Brian were so encouraging and patient with each other.  Gavin sat patiently and laughed and smiled watching Brian play games in the arcade.

And Brian cheered from the side watching his big brother on the rides.

The highlight for me is always watching Gavin on the rides.  It's something I'll never get used to... 

...every time is like the first time for this proud Mommy.

I would be lying if I didn't tell you I've had waves of sadness.  I'm also dealing with a very shall I say this delicately..."time of the month" which is just a reminder that - DUH - I'm not pregnant.  But trust's really hard to be miserable around these boys.  Just look at that photo of Gavin on the firetruck again - I dare you not to smile.

Today it is pouring rain.  I've been trying to figure out what to do with our day all morning...and as I look out the window at rain coming down sideways, it might just be a "hang out and watch movies all day" kind of day.  We'll see.

Stay tuned...

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