Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wedding Day...

Did you ever get invited over to a friend's house and they put in their wedding video?  Did you feel trapped?  Panicked?  Did your eyes dart around scanning the nearest exits?  Did you remain friends?

Well, I apologize in advance for holding you hostage today.  But in fairness, it is our EIGHT YEAR wedding anniversary and that is big stuff.  We passed the "itch" phase and then got through the "bitch" phase and skipped by the "if you buy one more electronic item that requires six remotes I'm gonna..." stage.  

I think we're going to make it.

If I were to do it all again today, I might choose a different dress (no I wouldn't) or wear my hair differently (well, maybe)...

But I wouldn't choose a different guy.  That would just be foolish.  And after eight years of marriage, a long road paved with sorrow and stress...laughter and tears...upheaval and renewals...he's just as gorgeous to me today as he was on May 22, 2004.  

In every way.

For the last eight years, I've been trying to come up with a way to get my wedding video onto my computer...and gave up every time.  So last night, while the house was dark and sleeping, I videotaped the TV.  Not the best solution - but a solution.  

I want to share my favorite parts with all of you.  Thanks to our brilliant videographers, they are in short little chapters.  If you don't want to watch all of them (what??!!!??) at least watch my faves...the first and the last.  Do it for me, will ya?  *wink*

My morning getting ready at my parent's house with two can't miss videos of my Dad that will make you cry!!...

The Church where I was baptized, raised, went to school...and where the boys have been baptized as well.  Here is Ed with all his groomsmen...

We're married!!!!!!  Including all the cheesy poses the photographer had us do...

Set to our wedding song (Let's Stay Together by Al Green), this video starts at the end of the day and ends at the beginning.  I love this recap...which includes parts of our personal vows to each other!!

We definitely don't have a perfect marriage.  Who does, really?  There is always room for improvement... growth... patience and understanding.  But one thing I can say is this.  We want to be here 28 years from now with the same imperfect marriage.  Because there's nothing more boring than the easy way.  And us Leongs don't like to do things the easy way, as you know.  So check back here in 28 years.  We'll still be dancing to "Let's Stay Together"...
...and I'll still be pimping this wedding video.  
That's a solemn vow.


  1. Heather HillesheimMay 22, 2012 at 4:27 PM

    I recently used a company called peggy bank (www.peggybank.com) to digitalize all of my old VHS's. they did a GREAT job! Its super easy. They send you a box and you send it back with VHS included. Then they post the files to a site and you just go download them. Easy!

  2. Good for you Kate and congratulations! We've been married 21 years and the only thing that i would keep the same is who i married.


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