Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pumped Up Kicks...

I was missing yesterday...if you didn't notice.  Don't worry, everything was fine. There was lots of this going on at the house:

I fell into what I like to call an "Arthritis Coma" - not so affectionately, I might add.  Every so often I get an "attack" and it truly feels like I have a terrible flu.  Every inch of my body aches.  I was still able to function...drive Brian back and forth to school...play with Gavin...have Miss Janna here for therapy...even order Chinese food for our dinner.  But I was in bed by 8.

I've definitely noticed a correlation between my emotions and these attacks.  If my energy is low for whatever reason (I'm really not kidding...) or I'm under a lot of emotional stress, my body reacts.  This was a wake up call for me to get back to my Dr. Trish visits.  I got off track.  She was not working when her kids were on Spring Break the week before Easter...and then my kids were sick for almost two weeks AFTER Easter...and I just haven't gotten back into the swing of things.  I need to get regular appointments for me and for Gavin back on the calendar.

I'm feeling a bit better today - I'm coming back to life...although I was grateful to see Miss Sara's face today!  I was able to get a lot of "things" done - bills paid, phone calls made, dinner in the crock pot and a trip to the pharmacy.  It was while I was out at the pharmacy that Sara texted me to say that Brian ASKED and then PEED on the potty!!!!  This is such a big deal (and I missed it!!!!!).  He was over the moon when I got home!

Brian is changing so much - and so quickly.  Today I decided to interview him before he turns 3 1/2 in a few weeks.  My questions weren't very well thought out - and they are certainly not hard hitting.  I promise my next interview will be more fascinating.  Regardless...I dare you not to smile as you watch this...

Gavin got some new 'kicks' today!  I got him a pair of Adidas Basketball sneakers that are sturdy, wide and have a large surface area on the bottom.  I'm hoping that wearing these over his orthotics will give him more stability as he attempts to stand on his own.

The look on Gavin's face clearly shows how he's suffering with allergies these days.  Although he's very happy and giggly when you engage him, this "zombie mouth breather" look is more typical.  
Poor kid.

I shouldn't be surprised.  This is a photo from May 1st last year showing the same attractive look:

Miss Sara and I got to talking about my Dad last week. She shared with me something very special her family did after her Grandfather died.  They took some of his dress shirts and ties and had them made into keepsake pillows like this one...

...and a quilted wall hanging!!

She brought them over for me to see and I just had to share with all of you.  I love this idea so much.  My Mom is an excellent seamstress and quilter.  Hint, hint, Mom. 

And speaking of Sarah!!!  Our beloved Miss Sarah (the OG Sarah!) is home from her mission trip!!!  We can't wait to see her - she'll be visiting us this weekend.  Then back next week so Sarah and Sara can meet!!  (Don't worry - no one is getting fired)  I really am so lucky to have so many wonderful women in my sons' lives.

Welcome Home, Miss Sarah!!


  1. After my grandfather passed, my aunt made a quilt for each of his children and then when my first child was on the way, she made me a diaper bag and the outside pocket was made from his jeans. I love it and treasure it soo much! I hope you can convince your mom to do them for each of you, especially the grandchildren.

  2. Hi Kate, I don't want to play internet doctor here :) but was Lyme Disease ruled out for you? Heard about this documentary recently and today's post made me think of it. I think it's available On Demand... http://www.underourskin.com/ Hope you're feeling better!

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  4. Hi Kate ... What a great keepsake idea. Thanks for sharing that. Thought you might be interest in this link to an NPR blurb. It mentions that video link that you posted a while back ... http://n.pr/IYGmwR


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