Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Week!...

I am officially proclaiming this week as Mother's Day Week!!  Every day between now and Sunday, Mother's Day, I have something planned on this blog to celebrate my own Mom.  It's no secret that I love my Mom a LOT.  And it's also no secret that I love BEING a Mom.  I take a lot of my inspiration from how I was 'mothered' growing up.  Not a day goes by that my Mom doesn't cross my mind when I do something with or for the boys...say something to them...or think of something that I want to do with them in the future because it's something she did with me.

So each day, I'm going to write about ONE of those thing as a tribute to my Mom.  I would love it (really love it!!) if you would leave a comment telling me one thing about YOUR Mom.  And, if your Mom is still living, I encourage you to let her know.

Back Rubs

My Mom used to sit on the side of my bed and softly (just with her fingertips!) rub my back.  Sometimes it would be to put me to sleep.  Sometimes it would be to comfort me.  And sometimes, lying on my belly in the dark, it would be the time I would open up and share things with her.  It really became a special "thing" between us.  She even rubbed my back as an adult - many times! - after a breakup, an illness, depression, etc.  I definitely rub the boys backs - just the same way.  And I hope that as they grow up it will be a special time between us - a place where they will feel comfortable opening up to me with what is going on in their lives.  My Mom's backrubs were more than just backrubs.  They helped create a special bonding experience between us as Mother and Daughter that I will treasure forever.

p.s....Tomorrow morning at 8am is my first IEP experience with the school district!  I really don't know what to expect, but I'm considering this a "practice run" for the "real" IEPs that will happen for the rest of his school life!  Since I have no intention of sending him to Kindergarten this year, this IEP will not officially be used.  I'll explain more in tomorrow journal.  Wish me luck!  Sitting through an IEP with a terrible cold doesn't sound too fun!!  

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