Friday, May 11, 2012

Mommy And Me...

As part of my Mother's Day project, I want to tell you about my Mom and her encouragement.  When I was in grade school, I started to sing with the choir.  Soon I was asked to sing solos at many of the shows...and ended up joining the church "Guitar Group" at Sunday mass.  Before I knew it, friends and family were asking me to be their "wedding singer" (which still stuns me to this day) and I was given a music scholarship to my high school.
In all that time, I remained unsure and humble about my talent.  (I still do!)  But my Mom was my biggest fan.  She and my Dad would bring a cassette recorder (remember those?) to record my performances - and she probably still has those tapes!  She'd brag about me - but not in an obnoxious way.  And before performances when I was a wreck - clearing my throat constantly out of nervousness - she would have tea for me or she'd give me her engagement ring.  "WHAT?!?!?", I hear you exclaim!  I know...seems weird, right?  My Mom would let me wear her engagement ring when I was nervous and needed confidence (and always when she was there, by the way).  It was such a trusting, loving gesture.  And her confidence in my abilities helped me to hold my shoulders back and sing!

I do hope that whatever the boys do - even if it's...*gulp*...sports (please let it be the theater) - that I can be their biggest cheerleader.  

My Mother certainly was mine!!


Last night as a family, we had cake and ice cream to celebrate Darcy!  I am very open with the boys about having a sister in Heaven.  And now I feel so lucky to tell them that their Pop is now taking care of their little sister!  Obviously, they don't understand fully - and probably won't for many years - but I love that we can celebrate her each year in such a special way.

We ate a gluten free/nut free vanilla cake and sang Happy Birthday!

The best part of the night?  Gavin ate cake!!!  He doesn't often accept sweets...especially if they are solid.  But he ate some - and he LOVED it!!  And Brian was all about celebrating his sister.  Here's video proof of both:

It was a lovely night.  We usually do a balloon release in her honor - four pink balloons that are like love letters to her from each of us.  I decided to pass on that this year.  Don't ask me why...I just did.  I think each year I will know what is the right way for me...for remember her.  And feeling pressure to do what I feel is "expected" will never feel right.  I'm sure you know that feeling.

This morning, bright and early, I had a fertility appointment.  Ironically.  They did an ultrasound and took blood to determine what medications I'll need leading up to my embryo transfer.  Apparently, my body is exactly where it should be at the moment.  I will start estrogen supplements and antibiotics tomorrow and am set to go back for another scan on May 22 (which happens to be our wedding anniversary!)  We're getting closer, people!!

When I got home, I had a little bit of time before Gavin and I had to leave for our joint appointment with Dr. Trish!  I was really looking forward to this appointment.  For one, the timing was perfect for me after the week I had.  Gavin's IEP, the boys' illnesses and Darcy's all had me feeling very stressed.  And I was sure to mention to her that Gavin has been purposefully falling to bang his head - sometimes leaving huge goose eggs if not caught in time.  After she treated both of us, she shared with me that she released a lot of pressure in Gavin's head.  Some of it was physical - surely from his cold and ear infection.  Some of it was ethereal.  Even though I don't fully understand that one, I get it.  And I know she's right.  She told me that kids will often want to bang their head in some way if they feel extra pressure in there.  Interesting, eh?

Gavin and I made a date of the rest of the afternoon.  When we left Dr. Trish, we took the mini-van to the car wash!  He LOVED watching the cars get baths through the window!  My Mother's Day present to me was to get our van semi-detailed, so we were able to hang out laughing at that window for a while.  

He was in Heaven!

After the van was done, we met up with Gavin's favorite guy - Daddy!  Ed was able to meet us for lunch.  Gavin loved sitting at the table and checking out the lights in the sushi restaurant.

We left Ed and went for a stroll at a local strip mall - cruising into the Trader Joe's and just enjoying the beautiful day.  I haven't taken Gavin out much (on purpose) because of his terrible seasonal allergies.  He definitely reacted to being outdoors this afternoon - but certainly didn't complain!

When we got home from our special afternoon date, we found out that Brian had peed on the potty all by himself TWICE today!  He's been doing such a great job since I bought that KiddyLoo potty seat.  And keeping him naked from the waist down has definitely been the ticket.  He was SO EXCITED when we got home!  His reward is Angry Bird fruit chews, which he calls candy - he was so proud of himself.

We said goodbye to Miss Sara and then the three of us left for haircuts.  There are two things I can't stand:  Dirt under the boys fingernails (which is why I have been cutting their nails short since birth) and hair hanging over their ears (which is why they've been getting monthly haircuts from before the age of one).  Silvia is the only person that has cut their hair (let's pretend those three other "unfortunate incidents" never happened, okay?) and we love her.  The boys are so used to getting trimmed that they never fuss or cry.  And Brian now thinks he's hot stuff for sitting all by himself to get his hair cut!  Up until a few months ago, he was still on my lap!


  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun ... I'm glad :)

    PS. I used to love the car wash too!

  2. Brian's giggles... I see why it's hard to be down for long in the Leong household!!!! He is absolutely darling! Happy Birthday Darcy !


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