Monday, May 28, 2012

Gavin & Brian's Staycation!...

We're back!  Ed and I had a fabulous mini-getaway and the boys had a wonderful time at home with Miss Sara.  There is so much to "show and tell" that I thought I would break it up into two entries!  Today I will write all about the boys experiences at home...and tomorrow I'll share photos and stories from our trip to Puerto Rico!

The boys woke up on Thursday morning to Miss Sara's smiling face.  We had left before the sun to get to the airport.  I left cards at their seats that they would find at breakfast and word has it Brian was VERY excited to get his.

What did we do before technology?  Seriously!  I was so grateful that Sara and I could text each other throughout the entire trip.  And I could upload photos and notes to the boys on Facebook which she showed them.  Ed and I took a video from the airplane before we took off to say goodbye and Sara said Brian wanted to watch it over and over and over...

The flight from Philadelphia to Puerto Rico is a little under four hours - a long time for me to be completely out of touch with home!  But I had zero to worry about.  The boys were in such good hands and with Miss Janna and Miss Maggie there for therapy that day, they had bonus entertainment as well!

Gavin even went fishing in the kitchen!

By the time we got to the hotel, unpacked and gaped at our amazing ocean view - Sara had already uploaded a video of Brian for our enjoyment.  And in that short time, he mastered how to say "Puerto Rico" in the most adorable way!!  Check it out...

By that evening I received an email that would have filled two days of blogs - detailing breakfast, lunch and dinner...Pee-Pee dances, therapy progress and weather forecasts (thunderstorms!).  She copied my night time "dance party" ritual and predictably reported the boys' slick dance moves which, as I'm sure you can surmise, they got from their mother.  Duh.

By bedtime, they were happy, relaxed and probably not missing us one bit.

Friday came and so did another great report from home!  

It was warm enough for shorts and a walk outside!  Gavin also had Physical Therapy with Miss Wendy and shocked everyone with how well he did...and how happy he was!

That night's video star was Gavin.  Brian and Sara did all the talking, but a happy Gavin stole the show!

On the last day, Sara came up with a fun Memorial Day craft to do with the boys!  She incorporated Brian's obsession with flags...and a great sensory activity to do with Gavin.  I don't know how she did it, but Gavin actually let her help him fingerpaint.  That's a big deal!

That afternoon they played outside...played with bubbles...and went for another walk.  

On the way home from the airport I got the final update which even included a list of things we were running low on in our pantry!  It felt so good for Ed and I to get away together.  And it made it fifty times better to know that the boys were happy and safe at home...and having such a great time!  We are so grateful to Sara for staying...and for doing such a great job.  We're SO lucky to have her!!

I couldn't wait for Sunday morning to see the boys' smiling faces.

If it seems like we were in almost TOO much contact with home and perhaps didn't make time for each other on our trip - don't worry.  Your fears will be put to rest tomorrow when I recap our time in Puerto Rico.  This was, hands down, one of the best trips of our married life.

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