Thursday, May 10, 2012


In our front yard there is a tree.  A gift to us in honor of our daughter, Darcy Claire, who I delivered from my body into God's arms on this exact day two years ago.

This tree, a beautiful cherry tree, is still young and fragile.

The blooming season of this tree is short, much like Darcy's time with us.

If I want to capture a photo of the tree with it's beautiful, pink flowers...I have to be vigilant.  When I feel the time is close, I check out the window every day for hints of pink.

Once the tree fills that space in the sky with pink blossoms, I take a trip up the driveway with my camera.  And I continue to peek out the window to admire it's beauty.  

I find myself at the window a lot - like an outsider who can only look, but not touch.  I want to be sure that tree knows how precious it is to me.  I don't want to miss a second of it's short blossoming season.

One strong wind sends the petals into the air.

And soon...they cover the green grass until they just disappear.


Just as the nature of life and beauty is fleeting...and just as Darcy's time with us was.

The blooming is a reminder to me, as her Mother, that her short little life was as beautiful as those flowers.  A reminder to me that nothing is promised so we should all appreciate life as it happens.

When the blooms fade away...the barren tree remains.  It can be hard to accept that the flowers are gone so quickly as I peek out the window.  But the green leaves blowing in the wind remind me that there is still life left behind.  

And the memory of pink in that space in my sky.

You can read Darcy's story HERE.

If you'd like to see her memorial video, click HERE.

I love you, sweet Darcy Claire.

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  1. My dearest friend had a baby, born asleep 6 years ago and a few days apart from your Darcy Claire. I always remember her - the blossom tree blooms so beautifully at this time. May you feel comforted in your sadness. I sense how you appreciate your blessings in your blog and you blow me away. You write and express your feelings so beautifully and be assured that you are loved, remembered and prayed for, especially now. You bless me in your honesty and humility and I send all blessings back to you. Brian is such a cherub - your boys' smiles light up a dull day!


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