Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Say Ahhh!...

This morning we all headed to the dentist for Gavin and Brian's checkups and cleanings! I sound like a broken record, I know, but I'm so grateful to have Miss Sara. Having a helper makes appointments like this so much easier. I was able to be with both children during their exams with the doctor...and then she stayed with Brian during his cleaning while I held Gavin in another room for his cleaning.

I was so proud of Brian who sat quietly in the chair like such a big boy...even saying 'Ahhh' when she asked him to open his mouth!

The dentist said his teeth looked great. He didn't have any issues and left with a bag full of toys and stickers and a cool toothbrush!

I held Gavin on my lap while she examined him. He has some overcrowding, but everything else looked fine. I am always worried about Gavin's two front teeth - the ones he likes to bang on things (like the windows, the counters, the wood table and his toys). There are times that they turn a little brown - but then bounce back to white. She thought they looked okay, thank God. There are times it's just impossible to stop him from banging!

Gavin was great during the cleaning. I took this picture after he was through...

I was so proud of both of my boys today!!

Brian is having an uncharacteristically bad night tonight! He went to bed on the early side - after a 40 minute meltdown in my arms when I asked him if he wanted butter on his bread at dinner. He just lost it and sobbed and sobbed. He was sleeping up until the minute I sat down to write this. I'm so surprised that he's up! Instead of continuing to write anymore tonight, I'm going to go up to be with him. Seems like he needs a little love. And by a total coincidence I do, too. A win-win.

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