Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Now That's A Lot Of Loot!...

First things first - Gavin is still under the weather. His fever has been up and down and up and down all night and all day today. He's eating and drinking and otherwise happy - just a little on the lethargic side. Brian hasn't had a repeat fever, but I kept him home from school just to be on the safe side. I'm so grateful to Miss Sara for taking good care of them while I went to the consignment sale for a few hours this afternoon. She took Gavin's temperature, sent me text updates and held down the fort while I tore it up at the sale. Let's just say... I was very successful.

Ready for this? This is what $142.20 got me:

Three of Gavin's favorite books that are a constant staple in his bed

An Elmo Potty DVD to hopefully encourage Brian to potty train and a brand new Fridge Phonics for him, too...

A piano toy that Gavin loved but we had to toss after it was short circuited by drool. He was so happy to see this today!!

A brand new in the box Little People doll house with sounds for Brian.

Yes, a dollhouse. Brian is really into imaginative play lately. I was thinking this little house would encourage him to create scenarios and use sentences. Once I took it out of the box, it happened instantly when he took the Mommy and stuck her on the toilet and said "Mommy go potty." How about that?!?

Along the same of my best scores of the day...three dress up outfits from Imaginarium. These outfits are ridiculously priced in the store between $50-$60 bucks. I got each outfit for $5.00.

An instant hit.

Here, he's trying to "fix" his brother's toy (which needs batteries)...

For a dollar, I got a fun sand shovel and sifter for the beach this summer...

And a big pack of "sight words" flash cards to work on with Brian...also for a dollar.

A discovery toys game. Whatever color you land on, you pick a card with instructions... like "Do a somersault" or "Go find something green" or "Say your name".

Also for the summer, a beautiful "Park and Play Mat" by Luly Boo. It's waterproof and easier to use in the sand. I'm tired of sand getting stuck in every crevice of our cotton blankets!! This was the perfect solution - at least in my head.

Clothes - Ralph Lauren, Talbot's Kids, The Children's Place, Janie and Jack, Gap and Carter's...

Shoes for Gavin...

And shoes for Brian...

And, the GRAND FINALE - a new bike with training wheels for Brian. $15.00. He hasn't seen this yet, so don't tell him. I feel it's something that Ed needs to be there for. I'm guessing his reaction will be priceless.

And, not pictured - a new Leapfrog Activity Table for Gavin. It's his favorite and most used toy in the playroom. It was by far my biggest splurge of the day. He certainly didn't "need" a new one...but his is a bit scratched up and drool infused. And, for $7.50, how could I say no to a sparkly, shiny new one??But of all the new toys - Gavin was happiest with his book.

In the end, $142.20 got me a LOT of LOOT!! And two happy boys.

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