Friday, April 13, 2012

Mommy's Birthday Weekend!...

What's that you say? The numbers are in the wrong order? Oh...looky looky, I suppose you're right. My mistake.

Let's just let that one go this year, shall we?

This morning I woke up so happy - excited for my big birthday plans tomorrow with Ed. And I was feeling relieved - Gavin had turned a corner yesterday after a week of up and down fevers and seemed to be on the mend. This morning I went grocery shopping and came home with a gluten free, nut free chocolate cake. Miss Sara, Gavin and Brian sang happy birthday to me. I was very excited that Brian was singing Happy Birthday - that's a big deal!

Gavin was happy and smiling and even ate some chocolate cake!!

But just that quickly - he was sick. When his fever rose to 101.8, I called the doctor after giving him Tylenol. This had been going on too long.

By the time we got to the doctor an hour later, that fever had risen to 102.9. Gavin developed an ear infection in his left ear - likely yesterday as far as the doctor could tell - and there was an infection brewing in his right ear. I was shocked. We would have never known - Gavin rarely acknowledges when he's in pain. And I'm so bummed that my streak is over. I was pretty proud of the fact that neither of the boys had ever had an ear infection in their lives!!

We stopped at the pharmacy on the way home for his antibiotic (only his second time on one) and Motrin. I gave him a bump of Motrin in the car. When we got home I was SHOCKED to see his temperature reading - 105.1!!

Looks like Mommy's birthday plans are postponed. We were headed on a fun overnight and had plans to see a show. Gavin's smiling and happy, drinking and eating and his fever is normal at the moment - but who knows what will happen overnight. Unless he makes a miraculous recovery, it might be pizza and a DVD tomorrow to celebrate my 24th.

(Please - just go with it - I'm in a mood)

I will only post another blog this weekend if there are important updates on Gavin's condition. Please keep him in your thoughts - and cross your fingers that he doesn't have a repeat febrile seizure!! That would not be a fun birthday, that's for sure.


  1. How's it feel to be 24...again! I'm going with it! Hope the Gav gets BETTER!

  2. Happy Birthday Kate! I'm right behind you! Same age too! Feel better soon Gavin!

  3. Happy Birthday Kate! I'm right behind you next week! Same age too! 24! ;) Feel better soon Gavin! Hope the antibiotics work fast wonders!

  4. Happy Birthday Kate :) Praying that the antibiotics deal to the ear infections quick smart, and that Gavin's temp drops back to within normal ranges too.

  5. Talk about an eventful 24th LOL :) Hope Gavin feels better :)


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