Friday, April 27, 2012

Ladybug Land!...

We have very exciting news.

We are now the proud parents of 15 ladybug larvae!!

The larvae arrived in the mail today and we were super excited (and maybe a little bit nervous to open that tube!)

It's possible that one escaped during the transfer into "Ladybug Land", but I'd prefer to not discuss that.  

Once they were all in with their food, it was fun to watch them crawl around and munch!!  Apparently (if we don't kill them) we will be able to watch them hatch from larvae into adult ladybugs in a week or two.  Pretty cool, eh?

Here is Gavin trying to crawl onto the counter to get to the faucet in the hopes that I'll turn it on for him.  Or, as I like to caption this photo - "Gavin looking lovingly at his new larvae friends - fascinated by the hatching process ahead of us."  Hey what do you want...sometimes you have to manipulate photos to make a better blog post.  I do it for you.  You're welcome.

Brian was quite the character today.  Non stop energy and, more importantly, non stop TALKING!  Sentences, memories, singing, pretending - it was an explosion and we were SO impressed.  His new favorite things to say are, "No, I don't want to do that!" and "Can I play for a little bit?"

He is so much fun, this child.

Gavin had Physical Therapy today with Miss Wendy and Brian was a willing and active assistant!  She brought a fun mat that made different sounds when you walk on the rubber feet.  Brian demonstrated for Gavin - and Gavin walked across it with Wendy to copy his little brother! 

She left us with a great tip.  To help Gavin with his walking and his balance, she said he needs to strengthen his hips.  To do this, we need to have him walk on his knees!  Who knew, right?

I think she might have also said one's hips would get smaller if you walk on your knees.  I can't remember.  So if you see me walking around town on my's strictly for research purposes.  

You know me...always going that extra mile for my readers.

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