Sunday, April 15, 2012

Does Canceling a Birthday Mean I Don't Age?...

Well, it was an interesting birthday weekend. I'll give it that!

After canceling our plans for the weekend and calling off our tag-teaming babysitters for Saturday and Sunday, I was determined to make the best of my birthday. Gavin woke up Saturday seeming better and fever free...but still not himself. I was totally fine with staying home - and looking forward to spending time with all of my boys. Ed, I think, had a harder time getting over the disappointment of canceling our overnight and stayed to himself most of the day.

We decided to head out to get Brian a bike helmet. I didn't want to even show him his new bike until I had the helmet. Even though I grew up in an age of no helmets (ever!) - I want Brian to always associate bikes (and skateboards and scooters and rollerblades...) with wearing one. I wasn't at all surprised when we bypassed the children's section and had to pick one out from the adult sized helmets. Ed and I have big heads - and we apparently grow big headed babies. It's a plus, though, as Brian can have this helmet for a long time! And it has a little visor in front that can take the hit if he falls - which means that adorable face will hopefully stay protected.

The helmet was a big success - but Brian was NOT at ALL interested in the bike. I think he was a little scared. We're not going to push it...he'll let us know when he's ready!

As the afternoon went on I thought it might be safe to leave the boys for dinner and a movie. I checked with Miss Sara to see if she was still free and I made all the plans. The boys were down for naps and when they didn't wake up by 5:00, we woke them. I started to feed Gavin and he began to sob. Gavin doesn't cry that often so I knew something was up. I held him and we walked and rocked and bounced and he continued to cry and cry and cry. For me, it was the last straw. I'm not sure why I continued to salvage this birthday - I should have just canceled it altogether and pretended it wasn't even happening. Suddenly I felt very selfish - so I called Sara and told her not to come. I've never screwed a babysitter like that - I totally owe her one. She was completely understanding, but still.

I was not far behind Gavin and Brian going to bed.

Today was not much better! The antibiotic Gavin is on is ripping his stomach apart and the poor boy has had diarrhea all day. Ed went out for the afternoon for a drive and to have fun at a local casino - I guess to make up for his ruined weekend plans. On one hand I felt awful for canceling our getaway - but I could never have left with Gavin feeling this way. There were two bright spots! I got the total from all that I sold at the consignment sale - $176.60! I'm very excited as I really didn't have very much this go-around. I typically put in a lot more but I ran out of time getting everything organized and priced. The other bright spot is that the boys and I ended up having a nice afternoon today.

Gavin worked hard to stay hydrated...

And Brian worked hard to keep Gavin and I laughing by serenading us with his singing...

I definitely worked overtime to try to keep things light on Saturday...and I struggled to keep it together today...and then I couldn't anymore. Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday. Our birthdays are something we always shared. There are countless photos of us blowing out candles on the same cake. And my Dad never missed calling me (or any of his children) with his rendition of Happy Birthday.

How I missed that call this year.

As it turns out, this was a birthday I'd rather forget.


  1. My grandparents' birthdays are so much harder for me than the anniversary of when they died. They had one day in between them, so they got married on that day. They are still the hardest days, years on. Their days were actually this past week. Sending you hugs, Kate.

  2. Don't worry you can have two birthdays next year :) and please enjoy your dad's birthday I can guarantee that he wouldn't want you to be sad celebrate his life - he died one day try to focus on all the days he lived :)

  3. I'm pleased that you've been able to enjoy spending time with your boys.

    But I know exactly what you mean about wanting to cancel your birthday. My 40th was on the day of the February earthquake last year. I was out to lunch with my sister, and as we had only just placed our order when it struck, I think that the only thing I had to eat that afternoon was a piece of toast (cooked on the BBQ - no power, no water, more aftershocks, etc). So this year I celebrated my 40+1 birthday, but as it was the first anniversary of the event (185 people lost their lives), it too was a very strange day.


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