Friday, April 6, 2012

The Bunny Box...

The day started off with a family trip to the Mall. Ed, Miss Sara, Gavin, Brian and I were off to see the Easter Bunny! I think Ed was the MOST excited even though he tried to hide it. Gavin sat right on his lap and smiled away!

Brian? He wanted NO parts of that bunny (understandable, if you ask me). He much preferred to throw pennies in the nearby fountain. I hope he wished for spiced jelly beans. I love them.

When we got home, Sara and I took the boys outside to attempt a Springtime photo session. Some of the pictures turned out really well - even with the crappy haircuts. I'll share them tomorrow. It was what happened later in the day that deserves an entire post.

The Bunny Box.

Miss Sara, her Mom AND her Dad put together this "bunny box" FILLED with Easter presents for the boys. If your mouth is open right now - mine was too when I peered inside.

Each present was beautifully wrapped and had a green egg with a G on it if it were Gavin's and a blue egg with a B for Brian's. I know. Insanity!!

The boys, especially Brian, were thrilled to pick out their gifts from the box and they sat with Miss Sara to open each one.

There were books...

A Sesame Street ABC video...matching shirts...

A puzzle game...

An awesome suction cup highchair toy that spins and a really cool light up turtle toy - both that were right up Gavin's alley...

A BASEBALL GLOVE!!!!!!!! And a ball!!!!!!!

Sara and her parents are such generous people. Sara has come in with cakes from her parents, cards and they even sent Valentine's presents! I feel like our boys have an extra set of Grandparents. Not for the gifts...but because it's obvious to me that they have bonded with my children through Sara.

If it doesn't show, you should know that we have bonded with Sara as well...

I caught Brian at the end of the day sitting quietly with his new books. Every gift was so well thought out.

I joked with Sara that I was going to re-wrap everything...present it on Easter morning to the boys like it was the first time...take videos and photos...and post a whole blog about how creative and amazing I am to have done this for my own children. Sara and her parents have put me to shame - this Mommy who hasn't even dyed an Easter egg with them!

I've said it before and I'll say it forever - we are so grateful to have Miss Sara. I seem to always find wonderful women (Sarah number 1, Kara, Katja!) who WE love - who become part of our family - and who love our boys. This Easter, I am a lucky woman. Spiced jelly beans or not.

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