Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back in Business...

Finally, we are back in business. Yesterday I took Gavin to the pediatrician and his ears were clear of infection - he took his last dose of his antibiotic today. It was a long break - the week before Easter was spring break for both boys. No school - no therapy! And then the week after Easter was no therapy for Gavin. All of Gavin's therapists came back this week starting Wednesday. I'll get to that later.

Priorities. I must talk about the boys hair first. Obviously.

Yesterday I was THRILLED to take my two healthy boys to our wonderful hairdresser so she could fix their pre-Easter BOTCHED cuts. I'll let these photos show you just how much better they look (and hopefully you'll be as impressed as I was that they posed together long enough for me to take these!!!!!).

I'm not going to bash "Hair Cuttery", where I took them for trims a few days before Easter - because it's not the place or the woman that cut their hair, necessarily. But Silvia, the amazing woman (and friend) that has been cutting their hair their whole life at a different salon...she just knows them better. She knows how I like it. She knows what looks good on them. If you ever want to tell me how cute my kids are - you should also thank Miss Silvia for helping them achieve supreme adorableness. Am I exaggerating? Totally. I just want to be sure that Silvia knows how sorry I am for cheating on her that one time. *wink*

So this week Gavin has seen Miss Stephanie for OT, Miss Maggie for feeding and today he was so happy to see Miss Janna, his teacher...

Brian was happy to see her, too! She always brings the best toys - and is more than happy to share them.

Right after Janna, Miss Maggie arrived for Gavin's speech therapy. Using his iPad, she gave him a button to choose "Brian". When he successfully touched Brian's picture and heard my voice saying "Brian", check out what happened.....

We did this over and over and over - and Gavin had so much fun. We all did, actually!!!

Next, Maggie worked with bubbles to get Gavin to pucker his lips. It's a game they play...

First, she blows bubbles...

Then, she catches one...

As she brings it towards Gavin, he gets very happy!

Sometimes he blows air out of his mouth or nose on purpose - moving the bubble - which is great!!!

During all of this, Brian walked in as a nun. Just to keep things interesting. But I digress.

The goal is to get Gavin to pucker up and let the bubble pop on his lips. Like this.....

He did it, intentionally, over and over!! It was a great session. Maggie wants Gavin to understand the control he has over his mouth and the movements he can make with his lips. All of these things are a pre-cursor to speech.

Tomorrow I have big plans. I'll be spending the whole day with my Mom as we celebrate my and my Dad's birthdays! I'm SO looking forward to some girl time. And I'm so grateful to have Miss Sara so I can take off and go spend time with my Mom.


  1. I'm new to your blog, but enjoy reading your updates. I was noticing the thing around Gavin's waist to help him sit on the chair. I am looking for something to help my son, Grant sit in a chair so he can participate in lessons at his daycare. He is pretty sturdy for the most part, but we feel he still needs a little support. I was just wandering what you were using?

  2. Hi Natalie! I hope you will see this - I don't know how to easily respond to people who comment here if they don't have a blog themselves! The strap you see was made by my amazingly talented mother. All it is is fabric with batting in the middle - and velcro. We have used this simple strap in SO many scenarios. Chairs to shopping carts and even amusement park rides. It velcros together behind him. If you're at all crafty (I am not!) you could make one yourself!! I don't even think my Mom needed a pattern. If you have any other questions, email me!

    Welcome to the blog!


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