Saturday, March 24, 2012

Unleashing My Inner "Momtographer"...

This morning I attended a workshop given by a local photographer. It was geared towards Moms with cameras that have mysterious and intimidating settings - and Moms like me who probably didn't read the manual after they got the camera. Mine is mostly on "sports" for every shot.

While I was gone for those four hours or so, Ed kept the boys entertained and took some pictures as proof. Although these photos seem to prove that THEY entertained HIM more...

Meanwhile, I looked just like these women - my classmates from today - learning new things about our cameras 75 other settings besides "sports". I can't wait to test out my new knowledge!!

I got home just in time for Gavin's 3:00 snack. This past week I made a pretty big decision. This 3pm "snack" has been a full meal for quite some time - mostly in an effort to keep Gavin's weight up and pack in more nutrition. So he ends up eating four big meals a day...and he looks forward to that mid-day meal! But last week I decided to take it away. It has been replaced with a snack that is "solids only" - "take it or leave it" - and if he doesn't eat, he doesn't eat. I really want to push him more to try to eat un-pureed food. So this afternoon he successfully ate some melon and some "Pirates Booty". I'm sure he would have loved more - but he didn't complain!

Soon after, Brian woke up from his nap and I did his massage - just as Dr. Kang taught me in his session last week. I filled an old baby food jar with nuts - specifically ones that he is allergic to.

I put it up his pant leg where it rested against his skin.

He laid on our "Mush Lounger" and played a game on my iPad...

...while I massaged up and down both sides of his spine - almost like a karate chop. Then I rolled his skin up and down his back which caused him to laugh hysterically. The grand finale was four different acupressure points. All very easy to do.

He sat quietly for twenty minutes - and that was that!

If you are reading this and have no idea what I'm talking about, read yesterday's blog entry. We are basically trying to eliminate Brian's nut allergies through Acupressure and Acupuncture techniques.

Ed and I have started the process of putting Gavin's special needs bed together! We're hoping to have it finished by tomorrow.

Enjoy the weekend!!

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