Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sleeping In Style...

We have been waiting for this day for some time now. The day that a four year old Superhero would fly out of his CRIB and right into a safe, secure and stylish BIG BOY BED.

Today was that day.

I was very, very picky about Gavin's bed. There were several choices - most of which were ridiculously expensive and very clinical or "hospital" like. I was so grateful that I was able to get our insurance to say YES to the bed I chose. It's called the Courtney Bed, named after a young girl named Courtney who inspired her Dad to create a bed just for her.

Her Dad is one of the reasons that I chose this bed! If he made this bed with his own daughter in mind, you know he put every ounce of love, thought, attention and detail into the design. It's beautifully made and so solid. I was able to choose the stain color and the hunter green sidewalls.

Ed worked so hard today putting it together. It really was supposed to be a two person job - and I was to be that second person. But this morning I woke up feeling crippled. I wanted to cry all day - for two reasons! One, because I was in so much pain. But mostly because I really wanted to be a part of assembling this bed. It's such a big deal to me to get Gavin out of his crib! He deserves it!!! But Ed was a trooper and literally worked from 10am to 6pm to get this bed together before bedtime. It was a rough day for me and I spent much of the morning laying in bed with the boys playing in our room. I have no idea where this crazy pain came from - it blindsided me!

In the end, I'm glad that Ed did it all. I tend to get all the glory moments with Gavin because I'm home! Ed got to own this bed today - from beginning to end. And then he got to reveal it to Gavin. (Scroll down for the video!)

Gavin loves his Daddy so much. And I'm pretty confident he loves his new bed, too.

I'll let the photos tell the story...

And then...the reveal!

He rolled around laughing and laughing - so happy! Then we zipped the front closed and whispered goodnight...

A big, huge thank you to Patrick Cyr from Cyr Designs for working so closely with me on the design of this bed! It was a pleasure working with him - and it was MORE than worth the wait!


  1. After feeling crummy with a stomach bug for 2 days...this story (especially the video) really had me feeling pretty good! I'm so happy for you, Gavin! I can't wait til tomorrow to see how well you slept!
    Diann Smith

  2. WOW, even if he cried for a bit, you knew he was safe, was 'clearing his lungs'...and I bet he had the greatest sleeping night for a LONG


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