Thursday, March 1, 2012

Scheduling a Good Cry...

I got nothing tonight. Fresh out of anything, I am. It's been a long few days. Gavin and I are still sick...and exhausted from the whole ordeal. I'm running on fumes.

But...Brian went back to school this morning. There was no way he could miss "Picture Day" with his class! He looked adorable and told me that he said "cheese!"

He also has wanted to "tell me" (in his own way) about his experience the night the police and ambulance came to the house. Taking me to the front door and pointing outside while making a siren sound. Or showing me where he had hid in the living when everything happened. And he wants me to keep telling him the story about Gavin going to the hospital and getting medicine and how they took his blood pressure and having a boo-boo and seeing a doctor...the more I tell him the more he wants to know. It's been rather fascinating to see him process that traumatic night.

Gavin is doing well today. He's so happy to be home with his toys and his brother. He even napped today, which is rare for Gavin so you know he's exhausted! Today I set up all kinds of appointments for him, including an EEG on the first day of Spring. And we added Neurology to his long list of specialists that need to follow him.

This was not our first scary rodeo with Gavin, but it was definitely the most terrifying.

At some point I will cry about this. If I can fit it in around Gavin and Brian's schedules.

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