Friday, March 16, 2012

The Luck of The Chirish...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

I know...I'm a day early. But really, I could celebrate the Irish every day of the year. And now that I have Chinese/Irish... we call them Chirish...children, it's a double celebration!!!

We had a great morning! Friday mornings are Gavin's special needs "Superstars" class at the YMCA. They allow siblings, which makes it so much more fun. And the room is FILLED with all kinds of great equipment.

I was psyched that I got Brian to hang from the parallel bars - and he was even hanging by his knees at the end!

And Gavin loved the net usual. And yes, I'm still determined to mount one of those in our house somewhere!!

Brian had a few behavioral issues during the hour. If he was on the trampoline...or in the ball pit...or playing with a toy...he thought it was his and only his. If another child (including his brother!) came over or, God forbid, touched it - he dissolved into tears. At one point I had to take him out of the room completely for a little chat in the hallway. I think it's typical toddler behavior. I'm an amateur child psychologist, you see.

Gavin got quite a workout in his class...but he still "brought it" this afternoon for his physical therapy session with Miss Wendy. As usual, she was so impressed with him!

Tomorrow morning, we will all be headed to an open house at Camphill Special School. We're so excited as this could be a potentially great school for Gavin. They will have crafts and horseback riding at the open house and it will be Brian's first time on a horse. I think I might be more excited about THAT than anything!! I better go clear my camera card. And I guess you better prepare yourself for the deluge of photos tomorrow!!

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