Friday, March 2, 2012

Just Dance...

Another busy day around here in the sick house. My concentration today was staying upright, taking care of renewing Gavin's medical assistance, preparing my every six month argument to keep some of his services, and - most importantly - coming up with an "emergency kit". Now that we've been through a 911 call - I saw how, even as a parent, it is easy to forget your own name in the chaos. I needed to come up with a plan...God forbid any of this happen again. I'm creating envelopes of information that I'll store near the phone. One for each of us. Copies of insurance cards, medical histories, blood types, etc. Gavin's will be especially important. If we're not here, it would be important for paramedics and emergency room personnel to know unique things about him - like that he rarely makes eye contact. That's normal for him. I wouldn't want them to mistake that for something else. It was amazing the questions they asked so I want to be sure that whoever is here has the answers. God forbid.

I also made another call to 911 - last night. I think I took them off guard when I said I was calling to thank the gentleman I spoke to. I was given to the supervisor who said he would relay the message. When I sheepishly asked if he could also relay an apology from me...for yelling at him a couple times "WHERE IS THAT AMBULANCE???", the supervisor said not to worry. They are very used to panicked parents and he was sure it didn't bother him one bit.

Gavin is still sick today - coughing, runny nose and pretty lethargic. Brian's nose is still runny, but he's feeling the best out of the three of us! And me? I feel like crap. Almost like I have the flu. I was a bit of a zombie today, but the show must go on around here! And not much will keep me from our nightly dance party. Many of you will wonder (appropriately) if I am mortified to show this video of tonight's dance party. If I have no shame. This is not how I typically know, at weddings and on table tops. This is better - I really practiced this routine. Whatever - it cheered me up today. It cheers me up every time. It's a great reminder as I hear the giggles around my legs - to just dance. Even when you feel like you can't.

Scratch that.

Especially when you feel like you can't.

Enjoy the weekend. I'm taking the next few days to rest my mind. I'll be back on Monday!


  1. You are too funny! You all made my day.

  2. I loved the dance....a good reminder for all of us. Thank you.

  3. This was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all need to take time out to 'dance' a little. You are really...not bad! Not bad at all. And the music choice was excellent. I say you should submit that to "So you think you can dance?" Your fame will go live TV. How did you ever become such an amazing person? I want lessons!!!! Hope you're all feeling better today and tomorrow even more! <3

  4. Love the dance moves - brought a smile to my face!


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