Thursday, March 22, 2012

Healing My Children...

Today was so, so busy. Here was the lineup:

Drop Brian off at school.
Come home and work on organizing sale items for an upcoming consignment sale.

Go back to pick Brian up from school.

Wave to Mr. Don, the bus driver that Brian HAS to say hi to every day...
Go from school right to Dr. Kang, the Acupuncturist's office for Brian's allergy treatment.

Head right home in time for Gavin's therapy with Miss Janna...
Get Brian set up for lunch so I can join the therapy...
Say goodbye to Miss Janna - and hello to Miss Maggie for Gavin's speech therapy...
Say goodbye to Miss Maggie and a hello to Miss Patti! Patti was Gavin's very first Physical Therapist when he was just an infant. She was with us for three years! She recently started working for the school district and was so excited when she was randomly assigned to evaluate "Gavin Leong" for Kindergarten!
As I'm sure you can imagine, she was quite impressed with his progress. When she left us, he was only crawling and had just started learning how to crawl up the stairs (which he didn't master for months afterward!).
Today was a no nap for anyone...running from one thing to another...realizing at 4pm that you hadn't eaten all day and that must be why you feel faint...and an early bedtime for two tired boys.

But it was a great day. I am very excited to start a new treatment program with Brian and our Acupuncturist. We are hoping that we can eliminate Brian's peanut allergy. I've been getting lots of private messages lately asking questions about Dr. Trish...and Dr. Kang. People asking if they really think that these type of doctors - these types of treatments - can really help Gavin and Brian. Especially Brian with something as serious as a nut allergy. My answer is - I really do think so.

If you've been around here for a while, you know I'm a big believer in alternative medicine, therapies and, well, thinking. When Gavin was toddler age, we did Craniosacral therapy once a week. We also had Brian treated several times to help him with some breastfeeding issues. When Rheumatoid Arthritis hit me severely after Brian was born - and for a while they thought I had Multiple Sclerosis - I found almost complete healing with Dr. Trish, an energy healer. And when she started treating Gavin once a week, we saw HUGE improvements with him after each many areas. I give the boys Fish oil and Aloe Water. I put Baking Soda in their bath water. For a long time, I liquefied coconut oil and massaged it into their skin after baths. Most recently I started seeing an Acupuncturist for my fertility issues...and she then diagnosed the boys with their food allergies and sensitivities. And we famously did a family Shamanic ceremony which was quite amazing. I am a little bit...out there.

But I am a firm believer that these types of therapies and treatments and medicines work. Which is why I am turning to my Acupuncturist to help eliminate Brian's nut allergy. And once we do, we will work on the gluten issue for both boys. And when we're done that, we will deal with Gavin's other allergies - seasonal, dogs, detergent and eggs.


The technique is called Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique - or NAET. I'm going to attempt to explain it to you here...

Muscle-response testing is the first part of the NAET treatment used by more than 400 practitioners in the United States to eliminate reactions that a surprising number of people have to common foods, as well as to chemicals, plants, animal dander and other substances.
During the muscle test, Dr. Kang asks the patient to raise his or her arm and hold it tight. She pushes against the uplifted arm, which normally remains strong. Then she gives the patient a vial containing a solution of the allergen, or in some cases, the actual allergen, to hold in the opposite hand and repeats the muscle testing procedure. This is a case of her vials that represent each allergen...
If the patient cannot resist the pressure, she knows an allergy is present. In our case, she tested Brian through me. First she tested me while I held the vial of "nuts" so she could see how I responded. She was not able to push my arm down. Then, she had Brian hold the vial and hold my hand. She tested my strength again and I couldn't resist the pressure - which told her that an allergy was present.

She then does a simple five-minute acupressure treatment along the spine while the patient continues to hold the vial. Brian laid on his belly with his face through the face holder and I read a book to him from below. The experience felt good to him- like a massage! Next, six acupuncture points are stimulated either with needles or acupressure, which works just as well. With children, she only uses acupressure.

Once that was done, Brian had to remain in the room as calm as he could for the next twenty minutes. During that time, the vial with the nuts was in his sock. We read books and talked and laughed. We laughed so much that we heard people laughing at us laughing from the other side of our door. 

Brian does have an infectious laugh.
When the twenty minutes was up, she came in and repeated the muscle testing. First on me - negative. Then she had Brian hold the vial again and hold my hand. This time, it was negative! I was able to resist the pressure whereas I wasn't able to before!! I can't say I truly understand it...but that's what happened.

The theory behind NAET is that allergies are the result of energy blockages in the body due to contact with opposing energy of other substances. When energy is freely flowing along the energy pathways, an allergic reaction is impossible. The goal, therefore, is to simply open the energy pathways through acupressure.

NAET works between 80 and 90 percent of the time, according to practitioners who use it – and the results are usually permanent. All patients start with an initial 10 treatments that clear groups of allergens. Sometimes, additional sessions are needed to eliminate specific allergies.

I've had a lot of people telling me in their private messages (the number of messages all of a sudden took me by surprise!) that they were nervous to comment here - or on my Facebook - for fear that they (or I!) will get attacked for this. I can understand that to a degree - people get nervous with unconventional things. And, as you know, I've been a target of haters lately so anything is possible. But I will tell you that most of me doesn't understand hesitation with things like this. With any of the treatments or medicines or therapies we've tried with Gavin and/or Brian - none of them were invasive. None of them put them in any harm whatsoever. My philosophy is - if it doesn't hurt them, we'll try it. And believe me - that philosophy has served us very well.

Dr. Kang left us with instructions between today and next Friday's appointment. I need to get a glass jar or vial and put nuts or smear peanut butter inside - and seal it shut. Then, with it tucked safely in Brian's sock, I am to do the back massages up and down the sides of his spine that she taught me. Every day. When we go back next Friday I will be so interested to see if he tests positive for a nut allergy again. I don't know how many treatments he'll need to eliminate the allergy...but we're committed to this journey! And we won't leave you behind. 

Stay tuned...


  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences with alternative therapies/medicine. I've done some of my own exploring and love to learn about more. Looking forward to reading further! Good luck.

  2. Hi there. I was wondering how I can find a doctor that practices these alternative methods? I'm located in Southern California. Thanks!

    1. Hi Angeline,
      We've done a lot of different things. You can google the following in your area: NAET, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, BioGeometric Integration
      Hope that helps!


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