Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Gavin Leong Wing...

Over the last three days I've had a run of feeling really good - my joints weren't aching as much and I had a lot of energy. I have to capitalize on moments like that - and I did. I was trimming hedges, weeding, pruning trees, getting summer toys out and even power washing the deck. The weather turned unseasonably warm this week (it's in the 70s!) and I needed to prepare the deck and swingset for playing! I was feeling grateful to get so much done...but I was also aware that I would likely pay for it. And boy did my body come to collect - today I am feeling pretty bad.

Yesterday was so busy from morning to midnight...literally! The day started off with a trip to the Cardiologist to get my blood pressure checked and it was normal (thank God!)!! I was told to come back on an "as needed basis". When I got home, we spent some time playing outside on the swings before Miss Janna came for Gavin's therapy. And then we all went for a walk around the block once he was done. I had a mission to keep Gavin active and awake all day and into the night to prepare for his EEG today - so lots of outdoor play was involved. Miss Wendy came for a make-up physical therapy session later in the day and that really helped tire him out! We took his walker outside and he walked on the uneven grass around the entire house. Then - as if that weren't awesome enough - he climbed up the ladder on our playset...and then climbed back down! Wendy was so impressed with him - and also still in awe of his walking holding one of our hands.

During all the action, the Fed Ex man slipped into our driveway and dropped off GAVIN'S NEW BED!!! We haven't yet put it together, but it looks just beautiful. Dark stained wood with hunter green sidewalls. I was hoping to put it together last night while my hands were still working - Gavin needed to stay up late anyway! It didn't quite work out with Ed's schedule, though, so we'll have to wait. I am beyond excited to see how Gavin likes it - it's HUGE!

Gavin was pretty confused last night as it got darker and darker and later and later...and he was still downstairs with his Mom, Dad and room full of toys! I brought him to bed when I went - which was close to midnight! They wanted him as tired as possible for the test. I had to wake the poor kid up a little before 7am (yes, that's early for my kids!!) and he was so disoriented!

We got to the hospital and were taken right back for the test. Another technician and I had to hold Gavin still while electrodes were placed all over his head. He wasn't happy about this part at all. He hates to be held down.

The next step was to wrap his whole head in gauze.

Before I was asked to keep him still and try to get him to fall asleep...which I really thought would be an impossible feat...she conducted the strobe light portion of the testing. From what I understand, strobe lighting can trigger seizures in kids so the doctor would be looking for any of that type of activity in the results. Gavin loves lights - especially flickering crazy lights. So this part of the test was awesome for him!!

Then the room went dark...the technician left the room...and it was just me, Gavin and the TV. I quickly found a "relaxation" movie that showed a continuous loop of waves crashing to the shore. Gavin - much to my utter amazement - actually fell asleep!! Several times!! He didn't stay asleep long - but he still fell asleep!

I felt so very proud of myself - which was completely unwarranted as Gavin was the one who conked out. I joked that they should name a wing of the hospital after Gavin. How many four year olds actually fall asleep during these tests???

Once we were done (and after I snapped a photo of my adorable boy in his first short sleeves of the season!)...

...we headed home. Gavin snored the entire hour drive.

While we were gone, Brian had the time of his life with Miss Sara! I set up the water table on our deck and left a camera for Sara so she could capture their fun...

Gavin's results will be back in about a week, but we are meeting with the neurologist in two weeks...so we'll probably just get the report then. Thanks for all the positive thoughts sent his way!!

I think I'll go to bed now. I am exhausted!

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