Thursday, March 8, 2012

Double Dog Dare...

It was a beautiful, spring day here in Pennsylvania with temperatures hitting seventy degrees. Sounds like great news, right? Well...not if you're poor Gavin. Seasonal allergies have hit my little boy. He was outside yesterday for less than a half hour and came in suffering terribly...watering eyes, runny nose and tearful whimpering. This time of year is such a bummer! I would LOVE to open all the windows and air out our stale, stuffy home. I did just that last year...and was promptly reprimanded by the allergist. I inadvertently let pollen into the house and it covered everything like a blanket making it more difficult for Gavin. So no fresh air inside - at least for a while. And we're halting outside play until the worst is over - at least for Gavin. Tomorrow I'll be taking Brian to the allergist...and will have Gavin in tow (Miss Sara will be enjoying a well deserved day off!). I'll be sure to ask her what I can give Gavin that will help him through Spring.

You'd never know he's suffering by his attitude! He was so adorably happy and full of big, dimply, flirty smiles today.

Even though he barely participated in Miss Janna's activities in therapy today, it was hard to push him. I mean come on...look at this adorable child!

During Gavin's sessions with his teacher and his speech therapist, Brian and Miss Sara headed outside to play. They've been having such a great time over the last couple days with sidewalk chalk. Sara came up with a game called "Letter Hop". Check it out in this video...

It's tough to photograph my little Leprechaun these days. I had to hide in the garage with binoculars and a long lens to capture these photos!! It's a good thing the authorities didn't take away my equipment when I was busted for stalking in the 90s. (I kid.)

But he did pose for me when we took a quick trip to the grocery store. He walked the store with me - and when he spotted the St. Patrick's Day merchandise he pulled me over...grabbing a hat for his head AND for mine. And then insisted that we wear them during the entire trip.

I'm not one to say no to a fun request like that - no matter how stupid I might have looked. And anyway...I would dare anyone to say no to this sweet face of his. Double dog dare.

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