Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Welcome to the Infirmary...

We are ALL sick. If you've been here for a while, you know I freak out when we get sick. I am a tad bit OCD when it comes to keeping my house healthy and free of germs...so when a germ breaks in and becomes an unwanted houseguest, I am annoyed. Brian is home from school, Gavin will miss a lot of his therapy - it's the pits.

As soon as Miss Sara got here this morning, I took Gavin and we ran to the store for some children's cold medicines (Homeopathic!), some baby Vicks for Gavin's feet tonight and a pre-made dinner for me and Ed. When we got back, I promptly sent Sara home to hopefully protect her from the plague. At least one of us should stay healthy!!

It hit Gavin during the night. I barely slept as I listened to his heavy breathing over the monitor. When I went in to wake him up and he was acting like a rag doll, I knew that it would be a rough day for him. And I was right. Gavin has a much harder time managing mucous than Brian. Typically I need to help him cough by using a cupped hand on the left side of his back and side. He has been listless and cuddly and he even took a short nap! All of which are out of character for him.

Brian was awesome today, quietly playing and reading when I had to tend to his big brother.

He wasn't feeling great either, but he managed to 'erk' out this weak smile when I took his picture.

And Gavin spent some time playing, too...

...but mostly was just 'out of it.'

It will be an early bedtime for both boys. Miss Sara is coming back after they go to sleep so Ed and I can make it to a scheduled appointment. As a requirement of the fertility clinic, we need to see a psychologist before the egg donor process starts. A very wise idea, indeed. She is also the same psychologist that screens all of their egg donors. She may not be able to answer specific questions about our chosen egg donor, but I do have questions about the general screening process. It should be an interesting hour tonight.

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