Monday, February 27, 2012


Every once in a while, Ed and I like to slip out of town...telling very few people where we're going...or that we're going at all. It feels a little bit naughty to leave the boys and all of our responsibilities at home for a day or two. But it also feels necessary. Just as Gavin and Brian have their very important therapy sessions - Mommy and Daddy have their own important therapy to tend to. Carving out time for us to spend together - outside of the every day stresses and routines - is like injecting oxygen into our marriage.

This past weekend was no exception. Did you notice we were even gone? *smile* We planned this at the last minute after we realized that it might be our last chance to go anywhere for a while. Once the egg donor process starts...and if I end up getting pregnant...I'll be pretty homebound, by choice.

We feel so grateful that we have three reliable women that love our children that we can call on for times like this. This weekend Miss Kara stayed with the boys. She was our very first helper...joining our family when Brian was born.

The night before we left, I took the boys to the grocery store to get food for the weekend. We picked out a HUGE Elmo balloon to celebrate Brian's potty accomplishments lately. He's definitely showing more interest and has peed several times!

Ed and I had a wonderful weekend together. We rested...I had some spa treatments which were blissful...we ate very, very well...and we talked. All of these activities are pretty rare at home. We snapped some photos of each other...

...and I even wore contacts AND lipstick for the occasion!

I highly recommend this kind of time together whether you have little kids, big kids, special needs kids, a lot of kids, one kid, or just a very stressful life. We came home remembering why we like each other.

The only major bummer? Not even an hour gone, I got a message from home. Brian had pooped on the potty for the very first time. It's something that he's been very resistant to do...and I missed it. I half wanted to turn around and come home! Ha ha!

The other bummer? Brian seems to have caught another bug. He has a very runny nose and is pretty 'out of it'. I didn't notice it this morning when I brought him to school...but it was obvious when I picked him up! I'll be keeping him home tomorrow so he can rest. I definitely want him well by this Thursday - his very first school "Picture Day!!!"

Today has been an extremely busy day. After dropping Brian off at school, I rushed to the fertility doctor for blood work and ultrasound. I handed in all the paperwork, including our final choice of a donor, to officially start this process. We're so super excited!! It won't happen for another two weeks or maybe more. I need to go back for another ultrasound on Friday and then they will formulate a plan.

After the appointment I came home for a few minutes only to leave again to pick Brian up from school. The two of us went from there to see Dr. Trish together! I had a much needed appointment and she worked on Brian. I like taking Brian every so often for a "tune up." I hadn't told Dr. Trish about the recent food sensitivity revelation, but I didn't have to. After the session ended, she said she picked up some G.I. issues that he might be working through. When I told her that he's been on a strict gluten, wheat, egg and peanut butter free diet, she said I was on the right track. It felt to her that his system was clearing itself of everything that had bogged it down. I'm grateful that I'm back for regular treatments again. My arthritis pain is off the charts lately. It was a bummer over the weekend when I could have slept in - but my body wouldn't allow it. I get way too stiff if I stay in bed too long. I basically feel like I have flu-like body aches all day long.

Brian and I got home just in time to greet Miss Carol, Gavin's hearing teacher. It turns out that Carol has been asked to be a part of Gavin's evaluation process for the (possible) transition to Kindergarten. Although he no longer has hearing issues, we still keep a close eye on him. Earlier in the day, in between driving here and there and everywhere, I pulled out his old audiology reports and hearing evaluations to have ready for Carol. And I pulled out a HUGE bag of hearing aid batteries that my Mom wanted to donate to Carol's students...from my Dad. It's almost hard to remember that I had a child with hearing aids at this point. In a chaos filled day like today, it was nice to take a moment to remember Gavin's miracle.

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  1. Glad you had a good weekend away!

    I am planning my first weekend away with my husband and no children in 4 1/2 years...since before Callie was born!

    It is so much harder for me to leave them now than it once was...I am terrified to go! The idea of missing 2 days of therapy for Callie, of not being here to make sure everyone is eating healthy foods (they won't w/grandma - it will be al weekend of fast food) and of just not being around for that long, is causing me a good deal of anxiety - but I am sure it will melt away after the good-byes have been said! I am looking forward to time with my amazing DH.


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